5 Bathroom Trends to Keep an Eye On

5 Bathroom Trends to Keep an Eye On

When it comes to remodelling your bathroom, it can be hard to settle on a particular style or feature that you want.
It is even more difficult when you struggle to describe what you want.
Perhaps you saw a feature or style in a friend’s home or magazine, but you forgot to take note of what you like.
Though at Bespoke Bathrooms we are very good at what we do, we cannot help you remember.
What we can do though, is take note of some of the most popular trends and styles this year. Perhaps something will spark your memory, or you will find something new that you like.
These trends are popular, stylish and just what Bespoke Bathrooms want to bring to our customers across Ireland.

Rounded shapes:

From sinks to taps, showers and bathtubs, rounded shapes are popular.
They provide a relaxing and smooth finish to most surfaces and are less dangerous for our little ones.
You have probably noticed this trend in every new house you see. From the bathroom to the living room and kitchen, rounded appliances and furniture provide a less stark aesthetic view.

Marble, marble and more marble:
Not that it has ever gone out of fashion, but we continue to see an increase in the use of marble throughout our bathroom designs.
With an array of colours, furniture and styles to choose from, we can certainly add a personal flair to every design.
Whether you choose beige, white or black marble surfaces for your garden, the Bespoke Bathroom team can make your dream designs a reality.


As with many areas of our daily life many have seen the need to improve how they interact with the environment.
Sustainable products are one of the best ways forward.
Stylish creatives continue to improve and impress with the designs and features they can make from sustainable products.
From wicker baskets to recycling steel and aluminium, it is easier now than ever to source sustainable products for your new bathroom.
Let us know if there are particular pieces that you would like for your bathroom, and we will do our utmost to source them for you.

Walk-in showers and wet rooms:

Walk-in showers and wet rooms allow you to utilise space and produce a larger room effect.
Though they are not suitable for every room we can work with you to utilise as much space as possible.
Wet rooms provide an aesthetic and clean look to every modern bathroom.

Standalone tubs:

As you can see with many of our most recent projects, standalone tubs are incredibly popular. They blend modern and traditional looks for the perfect bathroom finish.

Bespoke Bathrooms:

If any of these trends are what you have been seeking for your new bathroom.
Bespoke Bathrooms are happy to help.
Get in touch with our expert team today. We can show you finished projects, expected new trends and how best to use the space that you have for the ultimate relaxing bathroom experience.