5 Items You Should Avoid Having in Your Bathroom

Items You Should Avoid Having in Your Bathroom

5 Items You Should Avoid Having in Your Bathroom

If you have just had a new bathroom fitted by Bespoke Bathrooms, chances are you want to keep it as fresh, clean and new looking as possible.
Perhaps you have some old storage habits that need to be changed and maybe there are a few items in your bathroom that really shouldn’t be there.
Whether we have fitted you with new cupboards, toilet storage solutions or marble surfaces, if you keep a few of these items out of your bathroom and in the correct storage spaces you will have a cleaner, fresher and healthier bathroom for family and guests.
Of course, these are just recommendations, but they certainly help a lot of our customers who have had a new bathroom fitted.

Spare Towels:

Bathrooms are prone to rapid changes in temperature which can produce mildew and the growth of bacteria in your bathroom.
Towels are a perfect place for this to occur.
You should keep your towels in a cool dry cupboard or hallway storage space.
Somewhere close to the bathroom for easy access but away from your often wet bathroom space.


Photographs can be damaged by humidity and accidents in the bathroom.
Some photographs can also be a little off-putting to guests.
Maybe hang a funny caricature or some floral arrangements which will not be damaged and don’t cause some slight discomfort.


Medications are often left in bathrooms, but this can pose risks.
Medication can be damaged by humidity and spills making it unusable.
Should you have little ones who wander or are beginning to use the bathroom by themselves, medication can cause additional risks.
Keep medication out of arms reach and where you can see it at all times.


Shavers, hair dryers and other electronics should not be kept in the bathroom.
They can become damaged and unusable if they get too wet.
They may also suffer from corrosion on metal parts.
You should store your electronics in a safe location in your hallway or bedroom and grab them when you need to use them.
Storing them in an open area also makes them accessible to others in the house.


If you are ever tempted to bring your favourite book into the bathroom for some light reading, make sure to bring it out with you.
Again, they can be completely ruined by water and dampness in your bathroom.
You may also discover it in the wrong place if children manage to get their hands on your book or newspaper.


No matter the quality of the work that we can provide you at Bespoke Bathrooms, if you do not store certain items in the right place, they can become damaged and unusable in your bathroom.
Keep your new bespoke bathroom, clean, tidy and safe by finding better storage locations for the items mentioned here.