5 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

5 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

5 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

With a large variety of properties throughout Dublin there are some large bathrooms and some much smaller ones. If your bathroom is at the small end of the scale fear not! We have got you covered with 5 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

Keep decoration simple

If there are lots of objects or busy patterns on the wall or floor coverings then a bathroom can quickly look like a mess. By going for a more simple decor you can make a bathroom seem more spacious. Minimalist bathroom furniture which by its nature is a simple design can be good. Less really is more. Simple decoration doesn’t have to mean boring. A streamlined uncluttered room will give a very elegant feel. These days a modern clean look with less fuss is universally appealing.

Minimise Accessories

Some accessories can help to create an atmosphere and put your stamp on your bathroom. We are not saying not to have any. However keeping them to a minimum will help your bathroom to appear more spacious. Simple things like displaying shampoos, conditioner and soap that come in lovely packaging can give your bathroom a stylish look. If these are from the same brand they will match perfectly and you can take advantage of the brands investment in packaging design.

Go large with tiles

There is nothing like small bathroom tiles to make your bathroom appear small. By choosing large tiles you will bring scale to the room. Whether on the floor or on the walls going large with your tiles will help give the impression the room is larger than it is.

Big Mirror

Installing a large mirror in a small bathroom is another trick of the trade. Seeing as you need a mirror in a bathroom anyway it makes sense to leverage that and get a big one. A large mirror will make the room appear taller than it is

Use colour sparingly

Our final tip is to take the time to think out the colours you want to use in your bathroom. Lighter colours will give a more spacious feel. You want to be choosing whites, creams, beiges or light grays and to steer away from dark colours. Try to limit your palette to one or two colours and use furniture or accessories to inject a small amount of colour. This will leave you with a coordinated space that fits together well. For durability using something like Colourtrend Soft Sheen paint would be recommended.