6 Simple Cleaning Steps for Your New Bathroom

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6 Simple Cleaning Steps for Your New Bathroom

If you have chosen to have your bathroom remodeled or retrofitted by Bespoke Bathrooms, chances are you have sought out a beautiful design and want it to be expertly installed by our team.
If that is the case, then thank you very much.
But when we are finished our job, is up to you to clean and maintain your bathroom and keep it to the high standards that every new and beautiful bathroom deserves.
To keep your bathroom, clean, fresh and smelling beautiful there are a few things that you should always do to maintain your bathroom to a high standard.
These cleaning tips can be applied to any bathroom and not just the beautiful finishes supplied by Bespoke Bathrooms.

Some of these tasks can be performed daily while others over different periods, we will let you know when.

Daily tasks:

Wipe down fixtures:

Use wipes on surfaces, taps, shower fittings and other fixtures to get rid of any smudges and stains that may appear.
You can do this after each use or periodically check on the bathroom each day.
It is great for those with kids or guests to ensure your primary bathroom fixtures stay clean.

Dry Shower walls:

Have a towel or squeegee on hand for the specific purpose of drying your shower and bathroom walls and tiles. This will stop soap build-up and smudges from appearing.
A drier bathroom will also diminish the chances of fungus growth.

Toilet cleaning:

After each use of the bathroom ensure there are no wet marks or stains around the bowl.
Not a big deal for adults, but for those with children it might be a good idea to have a quick peek in the bathroom after each use.

Some weekly tasks:

Clean your important features:

If you maintain daily maintenance, chances are this will be quick and brief, but it ensures you get rid of any dirt, stains and residue you may have missed on previous days.
Wipe down all surfaces and use fresh clothes and the correct cleaning products for each surface type whether it’s marble, glass or ceramics.

Empty rubbish bins:

Chrome thrash bins are very in at the moment with almost all bathrooms from Bespoke Bathrooms. No matter what type of waste bin you use, it’s important to empty it at least once a week and give it a brief clean with soap and warm water.
You will avoid any bad odours and have a nice and clean bathroom.

Examine your toiletries situation:

From toothpaste to makeup and shampoos, check the bottles to see what needs replacing, cleaning or throwing out.

Bespoke Bathrooms:

If you have not yet had a bathroom upgrade but are here for a brief cleaning reminder, then it might be time to get in touch with us here at Bespoke Bathrooms.
We will be happy to provide more tips and help you on your journey to a new bathroom.