5 Ways to Make your Bathroom more Environentally Friendly

Make your Bathroom more Environmentally Friendly

5 Ways to Make your Bathroom more Environentally Friendly

As we all try to be a bit more Eco conscious, the bathroom is a place where we can make changes and save on the amount of water that we use. On average 50% of the water used in a home is used in the bathroom. So it makes sense to see what can be done to save water in this area. There are behavioral changes that we can of course make, such as not leaving the tap running while brushing our teeth. But did you know you can incorporate certain design features into your new bathroom to make your bathroom more environmentally friendly?

We’ll take a look at 5 of them here now:

Fill Your Bath Perfectly Every Time

Have you ever left the bath running to come back to it, only for it to be overfilled, too hot or too cold to get into? Draining away bathwater and re-running it will account for a huge waste of water, as well as a drain on your time. You can learn more about automatic bath filling systems here

Water Saving Bath Design

Investing in a bath tub that uses clever design to save water  can be the ultimate in trying to do your bit for the environment. These tubs are designed to tilt so that depending on how you are using the bath it requires less water to fill it.

Smart Temperature Taps

Taps that only turn on when you place your hands under them are common in public washrooms but are starting to appear in homes too. For example Hansgrohe mixers and showers, which are fitted with EcoSmart technology, require up to 60% less water than conventional products – without any loss of comfort. This means you can reduce your water and energy costs and conserve valuable resources.

See the hansgrohe tap here

Dual Flush WC

Second to your shower, your toilet is one of the fixtures in your bathroom responsible for using a ton of water each and every day. Dual flush valves can substantially cut your water use by using just enough water to adequately flush your toilet. A dual flush valve achieves this by allowing you to choose whether to use a full flush or a half flush, usually of 6 litres and 3 litres respectively. You can find dual flush toilets at Davies Bathrooms here

Water efficient shower head

By making the switch to a water saving shower head you can cut your water consumption by up to 3 liters a minute. Nowadays a water saving shower head doesn’t mean compromising on your shower experience. Many styles of water-saving shower-heads combine water with air to make a powerful spray that rivals the best power shower. Have a look at this water saving Jetcore shower head

Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought and some practical ways you can make your bathroom more environmentally friendly. If you are considering a new bathroom then get in touch with us today.