7 Ways to Make your Bathroom More Eco Friendly

7 Ways to Make your Bathroom More Eco Friendly

We are all aware that the actions we take in our day to day life add up to have a big impact on our planet. Often we can feel helpless that there isn’t much we can do at a personal level to make a difference. However if we all make some small changes it will add up to something significant. We’ve rounded up 7 Ways to Make your Bathroom More Eco Friendly

Reduce shower times

This is something you can do immediately. A 10-minute shower with a standard shower head uses about 300 litres of water and is responsible for producing about 2kg of CO2. If you can cut that time in half – you automatically cut your CO2 use in half. If you shower every day and cut a 10 minute shower to 5 minutes that’s 365kg of CO2 you are saving over the year. And I’m guessing you can probably cut your showers to under 5 minutes. Go on give it a try!

Use low flow showers and toilets

Low flow showers and toilets can be installed in your bathroom. Low flow toilets can save up to 50% water with each flush – this one off change will result in massive water savings over years to come.

Capture waste water as your shower heats up

Often as we run a bath or shower we have to wait a while for the water to reach the temperature that we want. Using a couple of jugs you can catch this water and then use it for something else. Maybe something like watering your plants. It might seem like a bit of hassle but after you get in to the swing of it, it will become second nature.

Use refillable containers

Places like Small Changes allow you to bring your empty containers and fill them with common bathroom products and cleaning products. This means again you can do your bit for reducing waste.

Bin the plastic razors

Single use plastic razors are a huge waste of resources. By switching to reusable safety razor – that just needs the blade changed every so often you are cutting down massively on waste. It will also save you money – win win! You can also swap oust plastic toothbrushes for bamboo alternatives to cut out even more plastic.

Use bars and not bottles

Bars of soap, shampoo and shaving soap all come in a lot less packaging and plastic compared with gels and liquids. This will reduce materials used and also waste.

Sustainable toilet paper

Having survived the Covid 19 induced rush for toilet paper in 2020 how else can you use less toilet paper? There are a lot of options when it comes to sustainable toilet paper it could be made from recycled paper, be unbleached or bleached without chlorine, be FSC certified, be made by a B corp or a social enterprise. This article has the full scoop so we recommend you visit to learn all about Eco Toilet paper

So there you have it, some actionable suggestions that you can implement to make your bathroom more eco friendly.