A Custom-Built Shower Room: Your Favourite Room in the House?

A Custom-Built Shower Room: Your Favourite Room in the House?

‘Custom-built’ and ‘Shower’ in the same sentence can be enough to send most grown ups into a spin, causing them to envisage a huge mess and costs of thousands of euros. Having a custom shower room installed in your home, however, needn’t be something that causes you stress. In the right hands and carried out in a professional manner, having a luxurious shower room installed should be an exciting experience built on trust and a shared vision. Having a modern, custom shower room installed should make your everyday life easier and make getting up in the mornings something to look forward to!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of having a custom shower room installed in your home but need a little shower-inspired inspiration to galvanise you into action, then read on!

Start With Size

If your shower room is a small space, then you’re most likely going to have a corner shower or quadrant shower cubicle.

A corner shower is usually rectangular and takes up the least space while still giving you all the normal functions and convenience of a shower. Most modern corner showers bring a contemporary feel to shower room spaces.

A quadrant cubicle is another corner shower, but it’s curved, with a sliding door, rather than being rectangular. The curved feature can help being a touch of elegance to your shower room.

For large, family bathrooms, walk-in showers or double-sided his and hers showers are a fantastic addition and can help update most bathrooms.


Walk-in Showers

This is a great way to promote a sleek, seamless look in your custom shower room. Being able to step straight into your shower not only looks amazing and adds to the illusion of space, but is also easier to clean.


Wet Rooms

A fantastic addition for any individual with mobility issues, Wet Rooms are becoming more and more popular in the mainstream thanks to their convenience, clever features and ease of cleaning. If you choose to have a wet room installed, however, please ensure it’s with a reputable company!


Raindrops Keep Falling On Your Head

But you won’t mind if it’s because you’re standing under a beautiful Rain Shower Head. Water pressure and temperature play a huge part in our overall shower experience, so it’s a good idea to have a modern shower system installed with its own isolated thermostat. This means you’ll have hot water for your shower whatever other appliances in the house are using hot water. A lovely way to start your day.

There’s Always Time for Music?

Do you feel like the day just passes you by with no time to enjoy the little pleasure in life? Is it all just work, work, work?

Well, no more. With a custom shower room, you can think about the little, personal touches that you can add to help brighten your day. Never enough time to listen to music? Then why not have a bathroom music system installed? There are a range of different systems you can choose from, from an LED lit Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror, with built-in speakers, or an iPad or iPod system that lets you Bluetooth music to speakers from your music accounts and apps to ceiling speakers that let you Bluetooth your music collection from a range of different devices. Whichever one you choose to go for, you’ll be sure to start your day singing your heart out.