Adding an en-suite to a bedroom

Adding an en-suite to a bedroom

Adding an en-suite to a bedroom

Adding an en-suite to a bedroom is a great idea if you have a large bedroom. Typically in older properties there are far less bathrooms incorporated into the original building. Rooms are often larger, so they lend themselves to retrofitting an en-suite. If you have a growing family and multiple people are all sharing the same bathroom adding an en-suite is a must. You can save yourself lots of family arguments by putting in an en-suite! In this article we look at what it takes to transform an used corner of a bedroom into a luxury en-suite. You will be wondering why you didn’t do it years ago.

How much space is needed when adding an en-suite to a bedroom

Often an en-suite can be fitted into an existing bedroom, if space is really limited it can be possible to take a bit of space from 2 adjoining rooms and combine that to make the new en-suite. The minimum space required for an en-suite consisting of a shower, basin and toilet is approximately 0.8m x 1.8m.

Does an en-suite have to be fitted on an external wall

If it is possible to fit an en-suite on an external wall then that would be the preferred way to go as it provides benefits in terms of light, ventilation and an easier way to get waste water out. This is not always an option so there are ways to do it if it isn’t possible.

What other considerations are there when adding an en-suite

Other things to consider are:

  • insulation for sound deadening
  • plumbing in of hot and cold water
  • ventilation
  • lighting
  • leveling of the floor to ensure correct drainage


Will adding an en-suite add value to my home

A 2017 survey carried out by Nationwide Building Society found that an en-suite can add as much as 5% to your home’s market value. So for an average home priced at €270,000 an en-suite could add €13,500 to the value. There will of course be some caveats to that. A high quality en-suite will be worth more than a basic job. The quality of the sanitary ware used will also be a determining factor.