Attic Bathroom Ideas

Attic Bathroom Ideas

An attic bathroom can be a stunning addition to the home, adding value and extra bathing space for your family and guests. However they can be a challenge design ­wise, thanks to smaller spaces and sloping roofs.

We know that beautiful bathrooms can be created in even the tiniest of spaces, and that small bathrooms can be just as impressive as huge ones. We have compiled this list of attic bathroom ideas to show you what can be done, and to provide inspiration for your own attic bathroom project.

Attic Bathroom Ideas #1: Use the light

In a small space, you’ll want to bring in as much light as possible. Natural light should be maximised, and combined with the best artificial light to open up the room. Attic windows are fantastic for flooding a room with natural light, so make the most of the unique vantage point of your new bathroom!

Attic Bathroom Ideas #2: Mirrors

Mirrors have a dual purpose. They reflect the light in the room, opening it up, but they can also be used to create an illusion of space in a small room. Invest in a big one, or more than one!

Attic Bathroom Ideas #3: Layout

The sloping roof of an attic bathroom, particularly if the space is a small one, can be a little restrictive when you’re planning the layout of your new bathroom. However, there are easy ways around it. Inbuilt storage, or even the bathtub, can be placed where the roof slopes downwards, leaving the taller part of the room for your shower cubicle, sink and/or toilet. Think about how you will use your room – you don’t want to be knocking yourself out on the ceiling after a midnight trip to the toilet!

Attic Bathroom Ideas #4: Wet room

If your attic space is particularly small, you might wish to consider installing a wet room rather than a traditional bathroom. Having said that, more and more people are opting for the stylish, easy to clean wet room over the alternative, even when the room is large. Wet rooms are particularly well suited to attic bathrooms; without shower cubicles taking up a lot of space, you’re afforded more freedom when deciding on the layout.

Whatever you decide your attic bathroom is going to be, the chances are that Bespoke Bathrooms can make it happen for you. We are experienced in installing all kinds of bathrooms, and we take care of the process from the very beginning to the very end – and beyond. We really care about the quality of our work and our service, and as such all of our tradespeople are highly experienced and professionally qualified. We have turned many clients’ bathroom ideas into a reality, so call us today to see if we can help you.