Bathroom design planner

Bathroom design planner

Some of our clients have a very clear idea of exactly how they want their bathroom to look.

Others know the kind of ‘feel’ they want to achieve, but are unsure of how to create it. Either way, the advice and skill of a bathroom design planner is invaluable. The work of a bathroom design planner is vital to creating your perfect bathroom, and not just in terms of interior design. It’s important to know what’s possible and what isn’t in your individual bathroom. What can be achieved in one home may not be achievable in another – or it may be achievable from a different angle.

A bathroom design planner can help make your dream bathroom idea a reality. They can help you make your bathroom space work for you in a way that is practical, and that fits with your vision.

The services of a bathroom design planner is all part of what we offer at Bespoke Bathrooms.

Whereas other bathroom fitting companies can certainly fit a bathroom well enough, they don’t all offer the full service that we do. When you have to go to several different companies to deliver one job, things can get confusing.

We can take care of your bathroom renovation from the design stage, right through to completion.

After you’ve had your initial consultation over the phone and we have completed our first site visit, a bathroom design planner will draft up your bathroom design drawings with the options that we discussed when we came to see you. By this point you will be pretty sure that you want to go
ahead with us, and the fee for the drawings will be credited against your final bill from us.

However, this process is quite involved and as such, we will charge a nominal fee for the services of our bathroom design planner if you decide against having us complete your bathroom renovation.

Once your design drawings have had your seal of approval, work on your new bathroom can begin. It is possible to make last minute changes, however we always encourage our clients to make sure they are happy with their design choices before the renovations start. Bathroom
renovation can be very disruptive, and although we always try to minimise this as much as we can, a certain level is unavoidable.

And when the job is done, you will be free to enjoy your fabulous new bathroom! It’s really important to us that you are 100% happy with our work, so we will check in with you a little while after your bathroom renovation is complete – we welcome all feedback that will help improve our service.

If it’s time for a brand new bathroom, give us a call today and find out if we are a good fit for you.