Bathroom fit out specialists

Bathroom fit out specialists

The Professional Touch

Are you bored of your bath, tired of your tiles or scared of your shower? There may be many reasons you want or need a bathroom makeover. Perhaps your bathroom suite hasn’t been changed in a long time: maybe you’ve moved in to a new home, where the décor and suite have seen better days, or maybe you just want to give your existing bathroom a little spruce. Whatever your reason for needing bathroom fit out specialists, we’re on hand to help.

We’re Gonna Shower Like It’s 1982?

Do you walk in to your bathroom and look forward to stepping in to the shower, or does the thought of it fill you with a cold dread? We’ve all been there: The shower head that hasn’t been changed in years that subsequently dribbles out water; the thermostat, which viciously changes the water from skin-meltingly hot to ice-cold in milliseconds; or the tiles falling off the wall, and the toilet lifting from the floor. If your bathroom is making you miserable, or worse, making your life stressful, then you might want to consider a complete bathroom refit. We all know that fitting a new bathroom can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming, but if you choose the right company, it should be a walk in the park. Go for one that has been recommended by friends or family, or failing that, choose one that has consistently good reviews, and an excellent online portfolio of work. A majority of good bathroom fit out specialists will offer an entire service, from conception and design, to fit out.

A Key Piece

As all good fashionistas know, having a classic item in your wardrobe is key. The same can be applied to your bathroom. If you can’t afford an entire bathroom refit, perhaps you could choose to replace one or two items, and then replace another one or two when able. A high-end toilet and sink is usually a good place to start, followed by a bath and shower. Of course, it’s up to you, which way you want to do things. Some people find that replacing one item is all that’s needed, while others want a complete bathroom refurbishment. The great thing about bathroom furniture is that if you invest in good quality, it’ll last for years, so even if you stagger replacing your items, the older ones shouldn’t look worn. Again, always look for a supplier and bathroom fitter you can trust so you know the end result is going to be exactly what you paid for!

To Spruce Or Not, That Is The Question

If all else fails, a simple bathroom spruce might do. If you can’t afford to replace your bathroom furniture, then perhaps a good lick of paint in an uplifting colour could help bring your bathroom to life until the time is right for your bathroom fit-out. Why not take a look at our ‘Previous Work’ section for some inspiration?