Bathroom Fitting Experts

Bathroom Fitting Experts

We’ve all been there – you’ve found a company or tradesman to carry out your job, and it turns out that they are located too far away. With run­ of ­the ­mill jobs this isn’t too much of an issue, you can just find someone else, after all. However, when it comes to finding bathroom fitting experts, it’s not so easy to go elsewhere.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home – and one of the most functional. If something goes wrong in the bathroom, everybody in the home will know about it! However it is not all about necessity – it’s about luxury and pleasure, too.

There are many bathroom fitting experts out there, but when it comes to creating your perfect bathroom it’s important that the company you use is a good fit for you. We don’t work with anyone and everyone, simply because we want to be able to fulfill (and exceed) your expectations.

We are bathroom fitting experts with a focus on excellent design and high quality, and for that reason we will never take a job on if for any reason we don’t feel we can do it justice. We’re not in this for a quick buck – doing the job right is more important to us than that.

For these reasons, we have built a strong (and well­ deserved) reputation over the years.

Increasingly, that reputation is regularly attracting clients from further afield who want the Bespoke Bathrooms experience. For many companies this is a no ­go, however we are willing to travel.

The process is the same, wherever you happen to live. First, we will have our initial chat over the phone where we can decide whether we are a good fit for you. If you decide to go ahead, we will progress to our site visit where we can get a better idea of how we can help you. Next, we will complete the design drawings for your new bathroom and when you are happy with them, the job
can commence.

If you live further afield, the job itself will cost the same as it would if you were local. However, we will need to charge you for the travel costs and accommodation of our team – typically 5-7 working days for a bathroom renovation.

There are many self­ proclaimed bathroom fitting experts in Ireland, however there are none quite like Bespoke Bathrooms. We know that having a new bathroom fitted can be an expensive and disruptive process, and that our clients want to be thrilled with the end result that makes it all worth it. You could hire a cheaper, local bathroom fitter and save some money – but if you want a bathroom that makes you grin every time you step into it, it might just be worth working with us.

If you would like any more information or details about our travel policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us so one of our team can talk you through your options.