Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Trying to fit all the things you need for a functioning bathroom into a compact space can be daunting, but with these clever design and bathroom furniture ideas, you can enjoy a family bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom bathroom that serves its purpose. Read on and discover our bathroom ideas for small spaces.

1) Functional and clever storage

Instead of using a bulky vanity unit to store your towels, why not hook up some shelves underneath your wall hung sink? Place your rolled-up towels into coloured or wicker baskets, for storage that also serves as a design feature. Wall hung shelves made from reclaimed wood make an excellent alternative to bulky wall hung cabinets. If vanity units and cabinets are still your thing, there are some great compact designs out there which incorporate clever storage into smaller designs.

2) Kill Two Birds with One Stone

You needn’t employ grand, design concepts to make the most of available space in a small bathroom. Little touches, such as installing a sink which includes towel rails means you don’t have to use up wall space to install a separate towel rail. A fantastic new idea that’s doing the rounds is niches built into the wall space next to your bath or in your shower cubicle. This gives you a great space to store your toiletries without the need for a cumbersome shower caddy.

3) Corner Sink

No one ever said these two words would fill a person with excitement, but there are some very innovative designs out there. Fantastic for cloakrooms and ensuites, a corner sink gives you all the functionality of a standard sized sink but takes up half the space. Go for an uber modern design to bring some chic to your space.

4) Yin and Yang

There’s a common misconception that you must stick to neutral tones in small spaces. While neutral tones do bring light to a space, they can also make a room look incredibly dull and actually emphasise how small it is. Combat this by painting your small bathroom in neutral tones but adding a bold, moody colour to a signature wall. Mount photos, pictures and pieces of art and you will have a stunning feature wall that takes the focus off the size of the room and to its wow factor.

5) Starlight Star bright

Bring lots of light and air into your room by installing a skylight (if possible). This is a great option for spaces where it may be impossible to have a window. It opens up the room and also lets you enjoy the sky, whatever time of night or day.

6) Accessorize!

Hang lots of different sized and shaped mirrors to create a design feature and bounce the light around the room giving the illusion of more space. You can even buy mirrored bathroom tiles to go on the opposite wall and create even more light.

7) Personality Goes a Long Way

Above all, inject some personality into your room. Small doesn’t have to be synonymous with dull – a bathroom is a space for you to enjoy and relax in whatever its size. Kooky pictures and accessories will bring your bathroom to life and take the focus of its size.