Bathroom Installation – Should You DIY?

Bathroom Installation – Should You DIY?

On the face of it, to a budding DIY expert, a bathroom installation project may seem like an easy way to save money while self­building or renovating your home. In this article we will look at some of the pros and cons of carrying out your bathroom installation yourself, and of hiring professionals to carry out the work.

DIY Bathroom Installation

• Cost: The main reason that people choose to forego bringing the professionals in is, of course, the money that (theoretically) can be saved. Bathroom installation is not cheap, and if you have the skills to carry out a bathroom installation you might feel like your money would be better spent on better quality items for your bathroom, rather than on labour to fit them. However, paying for beautiful basins, bathtubs and tiles may seem like it was futile if you find yourself struggling to fit them correctly (and doing them justice!).

• Control: You might feel as though you will have more control over your bathroom installation if you carry it out yourself. Bathroom installation is by nature a disruptive process, and many people feel as though they prefer to have full control over that disruption by working on their bathrooms themselves. However, unless you have extensive experience in bathroom installation, problems could arise that you are unable to deal with straight away, possibly leaving your bathroom out of action for far longer than it would have been had the professionals been there.

Bespoke Bathrooms Installation

• Cost: It is inevitable that your bathroom installation will cost more money if you choose to work with us. However, this extra expenditure isn’t about cost – it’s about value. You’re paying for our knowledge, our expertise, and our experience. We can guide you through the process of bathroom installation from the very beginning designs, to completion. This will of course cost more than just buying your own materials and fitting them yourself, however if you encounter problems that you need to hire a professional to fix, it will end up costing you even more in the long run.

• Control: When you hire Bespoke Bathrooms to carry out your bathroom installation, you won’t ever feel as though the control has been taken away from you. Our project managers will work with you to ensure that the job is carried out to your satisfaction, and in a timely manner. Of course, bathroom installation will always be disruptive but our highly qualified and experienced tradespeople have the skills and the knowledge to get the job done fast and well. We work closely with you from the very beginning of the design process to ensure, before we even agree to work together, that Bespoke Bathrooms can deliver your perfect bathroom.

So, although in theory you could save money by carrying out your bathroom installation yourself, in most cases it is far preferable to call in the professionals. If you’re ready to discuss your bathroom installation with us, contact us for a chat about how we might be able to help you.