Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Interior design ­wise, lighting is everything. There is little point in spending your hard ­earned cash on a beautiful new bathroom if you’re not going to spend time thinking about your bathroom lighting. Good bathroom lighting is what makes the difference between a nice bathroom and a stunning bathroom.

The bathroom should be a sanctuary. It is a functional room, but also one in which to escape from the day­to­day stresses of life. Bathroom lighting plays an important role in creating ambiance, whether you want to create a dreamy room to float away in, or a stylish and striking statement of your personality.

Bathroom lighting: Pendant/chandelier

A pendant or chandelier in the bathroom can help create a sense of opulence – perfect for long hot soaks in the bath after a hard day at work. If a chandelier isn’t your thing, a crystal/glass pendant will sprinkle ambient light across your bathroom, giving it a touch of luxury without being too showy. There are rules that must be followed for safety purposes when installing hanging bathroom lighting; by choosing Bespoke Bathrooms for your bathroom renovation you can be sure that current building regulations will be adhered to.

Bathroom lighting: Mirror lighting

The standard bar light over the mirror can be glarey, and isn’t the most creative way to use light. A better way to light the mirror/vanity area can be with two separate sconce lights either side of the mirror. This creates a more flattering light for you when you’re using the mirror, and helps light the whole room more evenly.

Bathroom lighting: Shower lighting

As you will imagine, any lighting used in the shower area should be waterproof. There are many options available for lighting a shower area. Recessed spotlights or clam­shell style lights can look fantastic in a shower, and are just the ticket to help you to adjust to the day on cold, dark mornings!

Bathroom lighting: Layers of light

Any interior designer will tell you that the key to creating that luxurious ambiance you see in magazines is the ‘layering’ of light. Any room should have more than one light source, and in the bathroom this is fairly easy to achieve. Alongside your main ceiling light, you could consider additional wall lights (like the mirror sconces mentioned earlier) or recessed lighting. You may also enjoy the idea of an under­bath light if you opt for a fashionable free­standing tub.

Bathroom lighting: Reflect

The bathroom seems an obvious place to utilise the space­ creating trick of using shiny or reflective materials. Large mirrors make rooms look bigger and brighter, and high­shine, striking tiles reflect the light. This is especially important in smaller rooms, where lighting makes a big difference to how large a room feels.

We can help you design your perfect bathroom – including your bathroom lighting – from scratch, and turn it into reality. Unlike some bathroom fitting companies, we take care of every aspect of your bathroom renovation – from design, to plumbing and electrics. Call Bespoke Bathrooms today for an initial discussion, and let us see how we can help you.