Bathroom Makeover Company

Bathroom Makeover Company

Bathroom Makeover Company

So your bathroom is in need of a makeover? You’re looking for a Bathroom Makeover Company to step in and wave a magic wand. Leaving you with little more to do than to post the pics on Instagram to impress your friends. But lets back up a little. I’m guessing like most people you’re not an expert in Bathroom Makeovers. So how do you go about making sure that the Bathroom Makeover Company you choose is able to meet your needs?

We’ve compiled the following checklist to help you make an informed decision.

Have been established for many years

We realise that every business has to start somewhere. However if you are paying for a high end bathroom you don’t want to be the ‘guinea pig’ project. You want a bathroom makeover company with a proven track record. One that has stood the test of time.

Has a large portfolio of completed work

Being able to see lots of examples of the companies completed work is important. As is previous jobs that match the style and quality that you are looking for. If they can’t show you a nice portfolio then run a mile!

Has a clear process of how they operate

Most people only engage a bathroom makeover company once or twice in their lifetime. You need to work with a company that takes you by they hand and guides you every step of the way. Having a clear process from the outset saves on misunderstandings.

Provides a detailed written quotation

You want to know upfront what your new bathroom will cost you. Only deal with companies that can provide you with a detailed, clear, written quotation. This is effectively your contract with them so having it in writing saves a lot of possible heartache later.

Has a team of employees

You want to be dealing with a proper company that employees a full time team. You don’t want a mix match of sub contractors that have never worked together or just happen to be available that week. Get clear on who will be doing the actual work for you. This is what will ensure the quality of your project. Not just the slick sales person.

Will source sanitary ware

Beware companies that ask you to order all of the sanitary ware and materials for them. If they are a compnay of any standing they will have accounts with all of the main bathroom suppliers and often be able to get you a better rate than you would get yourself.

Specialises in Bathrooms

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’ the same applies with contractors. Be sure to pick a company which specialises in Bathrooms. Avoid the generalist that was fitting a kitchen last week and next week will be painting a house. The specialist bathroom contractor will be experts and know how to solve any tricky issues they encounter. The jack of all trades will only know so much and is prone to cutting corners or not knowing the detail.

Gets the job completed on agreed schedule

Make sure to pick a company which will provide you with an agreed schedule and stick with it. We’ve all heard to horror stories of the guys who come in, rip out your old bathroom and then disappear off for weeks at a time to start other jobs. As to speak to their past customers and be sure to inquire about how long the process took for them.

Provides ongoing support after the installation

What does the after service look like? Once the job is done and the bathroom company have left what happens if something isn’t right? How hard is it to get them to come back and make things right. Look for companies that offer a guarantee and who include a call back after the job is done.