Bathroom Overhaul

Bathroom Overhaul

If your bathroom is beginning to look tired and old, it may be time for a bathroom overhaul. Your bathroom should be a sacred space in your home – a place to unwind, relax, and refresh yourself. If you’re in need of a bathroom overhaul, Bespoke Bathrooms can provide a full and complete service from beginning to end. We can work closely with you to design your perfect bathroom, turning it into the welcoming and fresh space you want it to be.

When undertaking a bathroom overhaul there are 5 things that you should consider to get the most from your project:

Best Layout for Maximum Use of Space

You are going to be using your bathroom, en suite or wet room on a daily basis so it is important that you give a lot of thought to how you plan to use and who plans to use it. Do you need a bath or do you tend to shower 90% of the time, does it need to be used by two people at once, is there anyone with a disability or special needs that needs to use it? By asking these questions up front and working with our expert design team we can ensure that we design a bathroom that not only makes the best use of the available space but also which meets the needs of the entire household.

Doing the job once for the long term

A bathroom overhaul is a large project and you want to be sure that when you undertake it the quality of the job is such that it will last a long time. Therefore you need to consider how the job is done. It can be easy to fall in to the trap of going with a cheaper option only to find out that they haven’t done a proper job. For example at bespoke bathrooms we insist on stripping everything right back to before we install your new bathroom. This gives much more long lasting finish than for example tiling on top of old tiles. We feel it is much better to do the job once and pay a bit more rather than doing it on the cheap and having to redo it in a couple of years’ time.

Sanitary Ware

When it comes to choosing sanitary ware again not everything is created equal, there is often a reason why some sanitary ware costs more than others. Then there are some types of sanitary ware that look good and cost a lot but which over the long term do not function well. For example we have seen beautiful sinks that look great but which have a design fault and can splash you in day to day use. With our experience we can help you navigate through the potential pitfalls of choosing the right sanitary ware.


Heating is another consideration when installing a new bathroom. You want it to be cosy and energy efficient. At Bespoke Bathrooms we have many years of plumbing and heating system expertise so we can advise you about the best way to heat your new bathroom.


Again flooring can vary a lot in bathrooms. If you are not used to renovating bathrooms then it can seem straightforward enough to just put down tiles. Where we can help you is to consider things like a wet room style floor or showers with low profile shower trays. These are things that a lot of people don’t consider but which done properly can make life much easier and look so much better.


So if you are seriously considering a bathroom overhaul we urge you to contact us and we can come and visit you and give you the best advice and options for your new bathroom.