Bathroom paint colours: How to choose the right ones for your home

bathroom paint colours

Bathroom paint colours: How to choose the right ones for your home

When it comes to planning your bathroom, most people automatically think bathtub or shower? Oval or round basin sink? Trash bin or wicker basket? Something that is often secondary are the overall colours of your bathroom.
While white is the default colour for many, it can often be more of a hindrance than a colour people enjoy. But how do you find the right colours for your bathroom and what are a few things you should consider which will help in your decision?
After many years working on bathroom installations and renovation, Bespoke Bathrooms have noticed a few things that always help our customers choose the right colours.
Some of these you have probably considered already, but others you may have overlooked.


The colours you choose will of course look different under natural light and artificial light. If you have a small understairs bathroom with no natural light, those bright tones you choose may not work well, however, they may be perfect in a bathroom with large windows. Test the colours on your walls before making a final decision.


Will your bathroom have wood, carpet or a tiled finish? If you are keeping the existing flooring and colours, your wall and roof colours must complement one another. The team at Bespoke Bathrooms will do our utmost to advise on the best colour schemes when it comes to your floor and walls.

Matching features:

The features in your bathroom also play a role in the colours you may choose for your bathroom.
Chrome, white or natural hues may all play off one another so you must have walls and flooring that match this.
Perhaps that feature you wanted will clash with the colours that you desire.


Certain bathroom paint colours will benefit small and big bathrooms so it’s important to examine existing bathrooms that you like. Do you want a small cosier feel or would you like the colours to expand what space you have?
It’s best to research particular rooms you like and especially those with similar sizes.

Bathroom paint Colour options:

Some of the most popular bathroom paint colours are white, white and black, powder blue, sage and navy.
We have found chrome features and black and white tiling are all very popular and complement one another.

Our thoughts:

Should you have more than one bathroom under renovation we believe similar styling and decorating works best as drastic changes between bathrooms can be slightly off-putting.
But of course, this all depends on personal preference.
It may be perfect if you rent accommodation or run a Bn’B to have distinct styles between your bathrooms.

Get in touch:

Colour is an important aspect of your bathroom and just one of the areas we work on here at Bespoke Bathrooms.
Get in touch with us today if you would like to see past work or explore your design options with us.