Bathroom Refurbs Needn’t Be Stressful

Bathroom Refurbs Needn’t Be Stressful

The internet makes it so much easier to find tradesmen these days and with so many bathroom installers on offer, it may be confusing to know who to turn to. If you want advice and expertise on executing the perfect bathroom fit out in Dublin, then look no further than here at Bespoke Bathrooms.


A Little Bit of History

How are we different from the myriad of other bathroom installers, you ask? Well, we started Bespoke Bathrooms because we wanted to deliver a unique product to our clients after years in the bathroom industry and seeing how shoddy workmanship can have such a lasting, negative impact on clients and tradesmen alike. We have had to fix many unfinished jobs: bathrooms left leaking and dangerous because of cowboy builders and plumbers. We believe that anybody parting with their hard-earned money for a bathroom refurb should be left with a bathroom that delights and entices them. Your bathroom should be a haven from the stresses and strains of modern life, a place where you can relax and unwind, and so much of that comes down, not only to quality workmanship but also, to an honest and trusting relationship between the bathroom installer and clients. If you’re looking to start a bathroom fit out in Dublin, please read on to find out why Bespoke Bathrooms might be right for you.


Why Are We Different?

We’re not saying we’re the only good bathroom installers in Dublin, of course we’re not, but what sets us apart is our absolute attention to detail. It’s no good installing thousands of pounds worth of high-end sanitaryware and furniture if the bathroom tiles are wonky or the plaster work is shoddy. We ensure that the minutest detail is executed to the highest standard so when you stand back and look at your bathroom, all you will see is quality: clean lines in the grout of the tiling, a smooth, even finish on the plaster work, paint work that is smudge-free, even and cleanly painted to the edges. It’s all of these small details that help create a bathroom that wows.


At Bespoke Bathrooms, we employ the best of tradespeople, people with years of experience and expertise with the same passion for a ‘quality finish’ as us. We work together and communicate open and honestly in order to come together to deliver you the bathroom you’ve asked for.


Returning Customers

Our clients are so happy with the work that we do, they return to us over and over if they ever need to carry out other bathroom refurbs: Our good reputation is why we have kept the same customers for many years. We take pride in the fact we have loyal clients, and we in turn are loyal to them, ensuring we always strive to deliver the best and we always want new customers to join our family.

Whether it’s the first bathroom we install for you or the third, Bespoke Bathrooms offers a service that cannot be matched.