Bathroom Renovation: Choosing Your Bathroom Suite

Bathroom Renovation: Choosing Your Bathroom Suite

A bathroom renovation is an exciting time, the high point often being choosing your new bathroom suite!

You may have a very specific idea of what you want, or you might simply know what ‘feel’ you want to achieve from your bathroom renovation. Choosing the right bathroom suite is critical in the design of your bathroom renovation, so we’ve created this short guide to help you.

Consider your space

A lot can be done with a small bathroom renovation to maximise the space, but you still have to think about how everything will fit. That huge, luxury bath you’ve been coveting might not seem so brilliant when you haven’t got room to swing a cat! However, there are many space­-saving bathroom suites available, with wall­-hung sinks and toilets for example, or built in storage, that can make it easier for you to achieve what you want with a small room. However before choosing a wall-­hung sink or toilet, make sure that the walls are suitable for supporting them. You should also consider that baths are large items – make sure you’ll be able to fit your chosen bath through the door!

Choosing a suite

Most of us will be quite happy to choose a matching suite. This can often be more cost­ effective (bathroom renovation isn’t cheap!), and you can be sure that everything will fit together – physically as well as design­wise! However, mixing and matching your bathroom suite can be much more expressive of your personality and can give you freedom to emphasise your style in certain areas. For example, you may wish to choose a more modest sink and toilet alongside amore grand bath, making your bath the focal point of your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, however make sure that everything will work together well. Ensure that your choice of taps will fit your sink, for example.

Your Bath

For many people, a new bath is the most exciting part of a bathroom renovation! Most of us have an idea of what our dream bath looks like. Sleek, minimalist, modern designs are still very popular, however the more ‘vintage’ roll­top baths are coming back into fashion – although these are usually better suited to larger bathrooms. As we’ve already said, make sure your choice of bath will fit through the door and through any corridors it will have to travel through.

Your Toilet and Sink

Wall­-hung toilets and sinks are becoming increasingly popular. They save space and the toilets in particular are very hygienic as they’re easier to clean. Many people opt for a traditional pedestal sink, as the plumbing is neatly hidden away – however exposed plumbing lends itself very well to the currently popular industrial look.

The thing to remember is that being a slave to trends doesn’t lend itself well to bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovation isn’t something that most of us can do on a regular basis, so when you’re choosing a bathroom suite make sure you choose something that reflects you and your taste, rather than what the latest fashion happens to be.