Planning a bathroom renovation for elderly people

Planning a bathroom renovation for elderly people

Planning a bathroom renovation for elderly people means taking things into account that you may not have thought of. You’ll need to consider the practicality of the bathroom as well as the design, and also how adaptable the bathroom is to changing needs as time goes on.

You may think that accessible bathrooms are generally unsightly and dreary, however this absolutely doesn’t have to be the case! There’s no reason why planning a bathroom renovation for elderly people should have any less focus on beauty and design, alongside practicality, than any other renovation project.

At Bespoke Bathrooms, we have extensive experience in designing accessible bathrooms for the elderly and people with disabilities, and we never compromise on style or quality. From this experience we have learned how to best serve our customers’ needs, whatever they might be.

Planning a bathroom renovation for elderly people in a smaller space can seem like a tricky task. However, there are ways around this. Many people opt for a wet room over a traditional bathroom setup if mobility is limited, or if it is likely to become more limited in the future. A wet room has the bonus of allowing maneuverability of mobility aids such as wheelchairs, frames and hoists, whereas this could be tricky (or impossible) in a smaller room with a bath. Non-slip tiles and handrails can be installed to make wet rooms easier and safer to use independently.

If you have a larger room to work with, you’ll have much more freedom in planning a bathroom renovation for elderly. There are many models of accessible bath on the market where users are able to step in and out, removing the need for equipment to access the bath.

An ensuite is well worth considering. Ensuite bathrooms offer a lot of benefits and comfort, and can make life easier for those with reduced mobility during middle-of- the-night trips to the loo. It can be surprising what difference an ensuite can make to quality of life.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of moving the bathroom downstairs, if this is where your relative or tenant spends most of their time, particularly if they already have ensuite facilities upstairs.

Although the stairs might not be much of a problem now, this could change in the future and making the bathroom accessible now will save time and stress in the long run.

Whatever your plans, you will need an expert to help implement them. With our experience in planning a bathroom renovation for elderly people, combined with our high standards of design and workmanship, you can relax in the knowledge that your renovation is in the best hands with Bespoke Bathrooms.