Bathroom Space Saving Ideas

Bathroom Space Saving Ideas

Tiny spaces can prove quite challenging when designing your new bathroom. You may find that more traditional bathroom layouts are impossible when planning a small bathroom, in which case you’ll need to be more creative with bathroom space saving ideas.

In some rooms the need for bathroom space saving ideas goes beyond simple questions of storage and furniture – when designing a small bathroom from scratch, you have the opportunity to truly maximise the space and make the most of what you have.

We’ve come up with these bathroom space saving ideas for you to bear in mind when thinking about creating a brand new bathroom (or renovating an old one). Bespoke Bathrooms can oversee your project from the beginning to the very end, turning your bathroom space saving ideas into reality.

Consider a wet room

It’s unlikely that you will be able to fit a bath in a truly tiny bathroom, and even a traditional shower could be a squeeze. A great way to open up a small bathroom is to forego the shower enclosure altogether and create a wet room instead. This is often the best option for the smallest of spaces; the shower head can even be fitted above the toilet. Wet rooms are specially waterproofed and generally tiled from floor to ceiling, with the drain placed in the centre of the room. This allows the whole room to effectively become the shower enclosure.

If this is a bit too ‘open’ for you and you want more of a divide, you could install a ceiling track for a shower curtain, or a floor­ to­ ceiling glass screen to create a shower enclosure without losing floor space to a traditional shower tray.

Space­ saving sanitary ware

It goes without saying that you probably won’t be able to fit a tub in a small bathroom. However, a sink and toilet are necessary! Consider a wall­mounted toilet to maximise floor space and create an illusion of more room. Wall­mounted toilets can look a bit precarious but when properly fitted they are very strong, and without the cistern on show (or a pedestal to clean around) they are much more streamlined and hygienic than their more traditional counterparts!

You can also apply this kind of idea to your sink choice. A small sink with a narrow profile will fit nicely into a small bathroom – you could choose a wall­mounted sink for the same reason as you chose a wall­mounted toilet, or you could opt for a narrow sink with a streamlined cabinet beneath, for storage.


Depending on the layout of your room you could utilise alcoves for storing products or towels; however if you decide to go down the wet room route, you may wish to make sure wherever your towels are stored stays dry! Think about how you can integrate your storage solutions so your small bathroom never seems cluttered.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a large space to create a statement bathroom. Bespoke Bathrooms have the knowledge and experience to create your perfect bathroom, whatever the size.

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