Bathroom Trends for Summer 2018

Bathroom Trends for Summer 2018

As the design world and general public have embraced the idea of bathroom living, so too have bathroom design trends evolved to something vastly removed from past ideals. The bathroom is now a place to center yourself: To relax, unwind, listen to music or read a book; but it’s also a place of activity, of personal hygiene and grooming, of children’s bathtimes and familial conversation.

If you want to give your bathroom a lifestyle makeover for the summer but are unsure where your design taste lies, why not read on for some inspired ideas?

Indigo Blue

The trend that’s here to stay. Indigo was a huge deal in 2017 and it doesn’t seem to have lost its effect this year. Team dark, indigo walls with turquoise tiles and a neutral floor for a dramatic but relaxing bathroom.

Dark Colours

Bathrooms have always been synonymous with neutral palettes and white or cream sanitaryware and furniture, but 2018 has seen a rise in popularity of darker tones, both in decor and bathroom furniture. Think matte black taps and fittings, dark tiled floors and grey bathroom furniture. If the idea of a bathroom full of dark colours is too much, you could start by gently introducing a dark floor and one dark wall and see how you go from there.

Bold Accents

If too much colour makes you nervous, a great way to bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century without regrets is to retain a neutral base but add splashes of bold colour. One way would be to keep white floors and walls, but add a brightly coloured wall hung vanity unit and some wall-hung art. This will make it easier to change if you start to dislike the colour in the future.

Metallic Glamour

Gold is the new trend that 2018 still hasn’t let go off. Think a border of sophisticated rose or champagne gold tiles or a mosaic on a feature wall. For those who want to add a bit of bling to their bathroom without going over the top, the addition of gold taps or accessories will bring the glitz without bringing gaudiness.

Spa Sanctuary

Who says you have to escape to a hotel to get the full spa treatment? Turn your bathroom into your very own spa experience by adding a deep, freestanding bath, soft lighting and luxurious throws and rugs.

Space-saving Narrow Furniture

Storage has always been a huge aspect of bathroom design. If you have a small or awkward bathroom space, you don’t have to compromise on this necessity: Simply install wall-hung vanity units manufactured in a narrow design. This will give you storage without taking up too much space. Installing a wall-hung sink and toilet will also help give the illusion of space as the eye is drawn to the visible floor underneath.

Plant Life

Bring nature into your home. Dot large, potted plants around your bathroom and soak in a bubble bath surrounded by oxygen producing friends. Good for your health and good for the soul.

So there we have it: Our top tips for bathroom summer trends. If you’d like any help or advice on installing or designing a bathroom, please don’t hesitate to call today.