Benefits of a Wet Room

Benefits of a Wet Room

The benefits of a wet room are many – wet rooms are becoming more popular as a modern choice for people who are perhaps looking for something different, something more accessible, or to save space.

A wet room is, essentially, a shower room in which the shower cubicle and tray are done away with. The shower area is open and the whole room is water­tight. The door will usually be raised a little above floor level, and the shower area will be fully tiled from floor to ceiling. Wet rooms are sleek, smart, low maintenance and very trendy.

So, what are the benefits of a wet room? Is a wet room the right option for your home?


If you have mobility issues, you might find that you’re drawn to the idea of a wet room because they are far more accessible than traditional bathroom suites. Without baths or shower trays to negotiate, it’s much easier for someone with reduced mobility to be able to shower, and for their carers to assist.

Ease of Cleaning

One of the best benefits of a wet room has got to be the reduced cleaning workload. Never again will you find yourself scrubbing shower screens or faffing with cleaning the bath taps – you can just mop and go. You may still opt for a shower screen in your wet room – particularly if the room is small, as you’ll want to prevent any wayward shower spray from soaking your loo roll and clean towels, ­ but the maintenance will still be far easier.

Space Saving

If your space is limited, a wet room could be an excellent option for you. Shower cubicles take up more space than you’d think. One of the benefits of a wet room is that the ‘open shower’ look can make your bathroom space look a lot bigger than it would do otherwise. For this reason, the wet room is becoming more and more popular in the world of trendy interior design. The simple functionality of the wet room is hard to beat, especially when you’re trying to make the most of a small space.

Less likely to flood

An excellent benefit of having a wet room is that, in the unfortunate circumstance that someone leaves a tap on, your wet room is far less likely to flood – any excess water will go straight down the drain, rather than leaking through your ceiling, possibly causing significant and expensive water damage.

Adds Value to your Home

In some circumstances, it’s worth considering the value of your home if you have a wet room installed instead of a traditional bathroom – although many wouldn’t mind, some people won’t buy a house if there’s no bath. However, as a second bathroom, a wet room can add significant value to your home.