Bespoke Bathrooms – Beware Imitations

Bespoke Bathrooms – Beware Imitations

Since we established Bespoke Bathrooms 3 years ago we have built up a strong portfolio and made a name for ourselves delivering high end, quality workmanship and genuinely ‘bespoke bathrooms’. We like nothing more than to bring our clients dream bathrooms to life, and we take pride in the number of times that we are asked to return and complete another bathroom for the same client, or are recommended to our clients’ friends.

In short we have worked hard to build our reputation.

This is why it pains us to see unscrupulous operators trying to take advantage of our name and reputation and try to mislead people in order to win business and make a ‘quick buck’. As the economy has improved unfortunately we are seeing cowboys return to the market.

Recently we have seen a number of competitors using the name Bespoke Bathrooms on their website and tagging images to try and get their website to show up when someone does a search for us online. Whilst it is flattering that our competitors are trying to imitate us it does worry us that potential customers can be misled. We also see these same competitors using images from work that they haven’t done and displaying logos for high end sanitary ware against the terms of the manufacturers which own them.

Here at Bespoke Bathrooms we want to ensure that our customers are not getting misled. Some questions you can ask potential suppliers are:

If they are registered for the HRI scheme which means they have to be cleared by Revenue. It also means you can get up to 13.5% tax back on qualifying work to your home.

Another question to ask, particularly when getting a wet room installed, is whether the company has been properly trained and certified to install wet rooms. Again Bespoke Bathrooms are one of just 3 installers in Ireland who are fully trained and authorised to install Wedi wet rooms (Wedi are one of the market leaders in wet rooms and guaranteed against leaks when installed by official installers). The cowboy operators will not have this training and this means you could be getting substandard work, or worse a bathroom or wet room that isn’t watertight and which can end up leading to damage to your home.

Another alarm bell is when a company says they can start straight away on your bathroom, most good companies will have a waiting list at this stage. Our waiting list is currently about 12 weeks, and our customers are quite prepared to wait as they know they will be getting a top class job.

So you have been warned. Whilst many may claim to do bespoke work. There is only one Bespoke Bathrooms in Ireland. Beware imitations. You have been warned!