Bespoke Bathrooms – Our History

Bespoke Bathrooms – Our History

As the economy picks up again and finding quality tradespeople becomes even more of a challenge
how can you be sure that the people you are hiring to come and work fitting out a bathroom in your
home are established and quality tradespeople?

One place to start is to research how long the company has been in business for. This is easily done
by running a search on the company registration website, This will tell you how long the
company or business has been registered for and is a pretty good indication of longevity.

However, in some cases and indeed, in our case it is a little more complicated. Our managing
director Nigel Cresswell began trading back in 2010 as Nigel Cresswell plumbing and heating. At that
time the business wasn’t purely focused on bathrooms, but also offered general plumbing services.

Increasingly Nigel was asked to fit out entire bathrooms and he realised that by focusing purely on
bathroom fit out he could specialise and offer a better turnkey service to customers.

In 2014 the registered business name Bespoke Bathrooms was registered with the CRO. Nigel
continued to operate as a sole trader for the next 2 years as the business developed, all the time
building expertise and a reputation for quality bathroom fitout and wet room installations.

Most recently in June of 2016 the decision was made to change the company entity to a Limited
Company and Bespoke Bathrooms Ltd was registered with the CRO.

So, as you can see 2018 is the 8th year that we will be serving the Dublin market with bathroom
renovation and fit out. We setup during the recession and worked hard to build up our reputation,
which resulted in continued growth even in the most challenging of times for the Irish construction

Now that the construction sector is growing fast again we will continue to grow our business at a
steady pace. Preferring to focus on high end quality projects, rather than rushing through projects
just because the demand is there.

We are confident that this approach will serve us and our customers the best and puts us in the best
position regardless of what is happening in the wider economy. Even in the worst depression people
will still value quality workmanship and that is what we strive to deliver every day.