Best Bathroom Fitter Near You

Best Bathroom Fitter Near You

If you’re looking for the best bathroom fitter in the Dublin area, here are some things to take into account:

How to Find the Right One

Think about what services you require – write them down; once you start searching, check this list against the services the different bathroom installers offer. For instance, some bathroom installers will offer an installation only service (so no design, product placement or project management).

Some bathroom installers will help you source bathroom furniture from other manufacturers or wholesalers, while others will only install products you’ve purchased from them; and some will offer a sanitaryware installation service but won’t carry out construction work on walls or floors. Be very clear about what you want in your communication and ensure that they are very clear in return.


Of course, cost is always a really important factor when choosing the right bathroom installers. Choose someone who’s competitively priced but be wary of installers who massively undercut others. You want to be sure that you’re paying for quality and craftsmanship rather than somebody chancing their luck!

Again, ensure that communication regarding this is clear from the outset. Understand what it is you’re paying for, at what point these works should be complete and at what points they need to be paid for. For instance, some companies will give you a free estimate and consultation while others may charge for their time. Most bathroom installers will want an initial deposit and then the rest paid on completion of work. Never pay somebody the full amount before they’ve finished the job.

Any quotes for work should be broken down into labour costs and parts so you can see where your money is going. Of course, remember these are estimates and things can happen along the way: Sometimes problems can be uncovered once installation starts and there are unforeseen costs that can occur but if this does happen, your installer should let you know straight away and get your OK before they continue with the work.


Make sure that your plumber or bathroom installer has the right qualifications to go ahead. Ask to see credentials if unsure.

Word of Mouth and Reviews

One of the best ways to choose a good bathroom installer in Dublin is word of mouth. Ask neighbours, friends and family who they’d recommend. Look at online reviews at what previous customers had to say and check for pictures; a good bathroom installer will usually include pictures of work carried out. Another great tip is to see how busy they are. If they say they’re ready to install a bathroom for you the day after you call, alarm bells should ring: A good bathroom installer is usually booked up for at least a few weeks!

Here at Bespoke Bathrooms, we offer a no obligation, no fee consultation regarding your bathroom installation needs, bathroom installation, a professional design service and a full project management service; so if you’re looking for a good bathroom installer in the Dublin area, give us a call today.