Best Plant Choices for Your Bathroom

Best Plant Choices for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms nowadays are a lot more than functional spaces, they are a way to make your mark on a property and give yourself a piece of luxury every day.
Besides the actual hard finishes and sanitary-ware choices that you can have another way to make your mark is with the use of indoor plants.

Plants provide more than aesthetics though. Studies haven been done that show indoor plants can improve the air quality in your home. In addition plants can help contribute to reducing stress which can go a long way into making your bathroom feel like more of a high end spa.

You can’t just put any plant in your bathroom, you need one which will thrive. Bathrooms are typically humid and warm places at certain times, during and after showers for example. Then during other times of the day and night temperatures can drop right down.

Bathrooms are often dark places too with few or no windows so you will also need plants that can grow in low-light conditions.

Finding plants that meet all of these requirements can be a challenge, but we have done the homework for you. Here are our top 5 plant recommendations best suited to your bathroom.


1. Pothos

Thrives in a low-light environment, they’re a good choice for bathrooms that have minimal natural sunlight. This species doesn’t have a strict watering schedule—a little water once a fortnight is sufficient—so it can thrive well the extra moisture. And thanks to its cascading, vine like branches, a potted pothos would look impressive on any bathroom shelf.

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2. Air plant

I’m not sure where the Air plant gets its name as they need plenty of water to thrive. They do love a humid environment, which means they are a great fit for your moisture-packed bathroom. You can hang a couple of Air plants in your shower to give that showering in the rain forest effect as you try and recreate that Timotei waterfall ad!

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3. Aloe

If you’re fortunate enough to have a bathroom with plenty of windows, consider adding an aloe vera plant to your setup. While aloe can survive in lower light levels, it really thrives in bright natural sunlight. Plus, some botanists say this varietal is well-suited for a humid environment. Best of all? Aloe is one of the best plant choices for your bathroom as the gel in each aloe leaf has been proven to alleviate burns, wounds, and even wrinkles. This means aloe can also contribute to your medicine cabinet.

Best bathroom Plant Choices

4. Monstera

Montseras have the nickname ‘the Swiss cheese plant’, they have uniquely shaped leaves that will immediately make you think of a far away rain forest. Fortunately, this plant’s ideal growing conditions don’t stray too far from its tropical roots. 

Though Monsteras are compatible with many types of environments, they particularly love warmer climates and high levels of humidity. Monsteras favor bright, indirect light; however, they can grow nicely under some fluorescent bulbs.

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5. Spider plant

Hailing from tropical and southern Africa, spider plants are known for being virtually impossible to kill. So if you’re adding plants to your bathroom for the very first time, this can be a great place to start. Plus, its ideal growing conditions are compatible with your bathroom. While spider plants can fare well in lower humidity levels, they definitely prefer some extra moisture. Bright, indirect sunlight is preferred, but this species will do just fine in lower light conditions. As for temperature? Spider plants prefer warmer climates during the day and slightly cooler temperatures at night, making them perfectly in sync with your routine. 

Best Plant Choices for Your Bathroom


So there you have it, our roundup of the Best Plant Choices for Your Bathroom – so come on release your inner Diarmuid Gavin and add some greenery to your bathroom.