Bring Your Bathroom into 2019

Bring Your Bathroom into 2019

Yes, we know it’s a little bit scary to be thinking about 2019 already, but if you’re in the process of organising a bathroom refurb, we thought it was important to keep you abreast of any upcoming bathroom trends. Here goes…


Bathrooms are now so much more than merely a place to shower and go; their new label as a centre for grooming and relaxation means that space is important, so many people are opting to extend. Think clean, clear open space for you to lean back in your free standing bath with a glass of wine and a book. If extending your bathroom isn’t an option, cleverly redesigning its layout can be just as effective. It might be worth consulting a professional bathroom designer or architect to get the most out of the available space.

Tiles, tiles, tiles…

Tiles have been around for donkey’s years; but forget your whites or beiges. Tile trends for 2019 indicate bright colours such as teal or green, or bold black and white patterns. Another new trend with tiling is creating a vertical pattern with tiles against an opposing tiled backdrop to frame a feature such as a bath. Creating a pretty ‘mural’ in your shower cubicle with colourful, intricately painted tiles is also a fantastic way to separate your bathroom into grooming areas.


A trend that’s been going for quite some time and isn’t ready to be reassigned to the history books, vintage is still huge for 2019. Think wooden vanity units and gold or brass taps set against a white wooden panelled backdrop and black and white patterned tiles. Using a wooden vanity unit also gives you the option of painting it later on if you want to bring a splash of colour to your bathroom.

Simple Storage

If you want your bathroom to look and feel more ‘hotel spa’ than junkyard, minimalist storage is a good place to start. While bathroom cabinets and cupboards can be practical, people also have a tendency to fill them up with items they’ll never use. Why not go through all of your toiletries, gadgets and creams; give away any you haven’t used in six months and keep the rest. This way, you can get rid of any unneeded, bulky storage furniture and store your everyday toiletries on floating shelves or recesses cut into the walls.

Compact Drama

If your budget can’t stretch to creating a high end, luxurious bathroom in your main bathroom, why not do so in your ensuite or cloakroom? The perfect place to inject a bit of expression, their smaller size means that splashing out on those high end tiles and expensive wallpaper won’t break the bank. Think gorgeous wallpaper prints, marbles tiles and rose gold or brass fittings and pipes. Make your cloakroom a place people walk into and think ‘wow!’.