Can you put a wet room upstairs?

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Can you put a wet room upstairs?

One question that we often get asked is “Can you put a wet room upstairs?” our answer to this is a resounding yes, and we have done it many times. However it does need to be done by a competent professional. We have been called in the past by people that have had inexperienced contractors attempt to install an upstairs wet room. Unfortunately we have witnessed some terrible workmanship in this area.

Like with most projects you need to be sure that the team you hire are competent and experienced. Upstairs wet rooms do require extra care and attention. Getting it wrong can lead to potential flooding and structural damage to the home.

Bespoke Bathrooms have built up a lot of expertise in upstairs wet room installation in the last 4 years. We have installed wet rooms in houses and also in upstairs apartments. We pride ourselves in using the best materials which give complete peace of mind and also look great for the long term. As part of our journey to identify the best wet room building materials we found Wedi. Based in Germany, and founded over 30 years ago they are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality and backup.

Wedi manufacture a range of building boards, sub liners and sealants which are designed to work together to provide a 100% waterproof finished wet room.

The Bespoke Bathrooms team has undertaken specialist Wedi installer training which means we know exactly how to get the best results with Wedi products. We are very proud to be Wedi wet room installers as this sets us apart from the competition. There are very few Wedi Wet room installers in Ireland.

In addition all Wedi wet rooms come with a 10 year guarantee when installed by a Wedi trained contractor such as ourselves.

If you are considering if you can you put a wet room upstairs the give us a call today.

Here are some pictures of wet rooms that we have completed:

Can you put a wet room upstairs