Design features to make your bathroom stand out

Design features to make your bathroom stand out

Design features to make your bathroom stand out

The days of the basic three-piece combination of shower set, basic toilet and a simple basin to carry out your daily regime are long gone. The bathroom in many homes has evolved from a purely functional room to an spa like area for self-care.

In the past bathrooms were purely about functionality. Today’s customers are more discerning and are looking for their bathroom to make a statement and have some of that wow factor. The rise of social media and the accessibility of far more examples of peoples homes all adds fuel to this fire.

Even though bathrooms are small rooms compared to other spaces in a home they can quickly present big problems if they aren’t designed correctly. It is important to look at the finer details such as lighting, flooring finishes and storage, and to make sure measurements are done right.

Consideration needs to be given to the members of the household and their needs. Some things that look good on social media. For example an amazing freestanding bath might not work best for a family with children. A good bathroom contractor will take into consideration all of the needs and wants from all family members and then recommend the best designs to meet them.

Fashions do come and go over time. With things like carpeted bathrooms and explosive floral tiling falling out of fashion, airy spaces and varying textures are now all the rage.

Larger walk-in spaces with clean storage spaces, often out of sight from the rest of the bathroom without impacting on the use of the shower, are increasingly popular.

Cleaning is also a consideration with shower screens not being so popular due to cleaning requirements, however they do still often work better for flow of light so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons.

If you’re looking for ways to add the wow factor and a sense of luxury to your ensuite or family bathroom, some ideas to make the most of what you have are:

Full-height tiling – even if it is in the shower space only – can really add the feeling of luxury

Recessed wall niches that are great for storage space look great and are incredibly functional.

Attention to detail, like mitering of tiled corners and being selective with floor styles may sound minor but a bad style can detract from what may otherwise be a luxurious space.

If you need help deciding on design features to make your bathroom stand out, Bespoke Bathrooms are at your disposal.