Designing your Dream Bathroom?

Designing your Dream Bathroom?

Need a bit of inspiration or direction? Read on to find out where and how to start…

Reflect on your Needs

Are you single, in a couple or family? Is this a main, household bathroom or a secondary bathroom? Make a list of the things you need from your bathroom and the things you want and prioritise them in order. For instance, most bathrooms need storage and this obviously varies in size depending on how many people use it; apart from the toilet, sink and shower, this would be a pretty high priority.

‘Want’ is something completely different; you may want a built in music system but you may not be able to afford it. Add it to your ‘want’ list and once you’ve budgeted you’ll be able to see if you can fit it in.


It’s always good to have a very clear idea of your budget. Research the brands and products you like and their prices. Break your bathroom down into areas, e.g. ‘Sanitaryware, furniture, flooring and tiles, accessories’ and allocate a realistic chunk of your budget to each. Remember, high end brands are more expensive but the products are beautifully made and will usually last years longer than low end brands.

Give yourself a buffer on your budget for any unforeseen costs: This will mean you may get your built-in music system after all or you may just have some money left over at the end.


Even if you don’t want to employ the services of a designer, it’s always worth having a professional floor plan of your bathroom space drawn up so you know the exact size and dimensions of the space available to you. This will make it easier when choosing products as you can ensure they fit correctly.

Although it’s easy to figure out if furniture and products will fit into a space, remember to take into account that vanity units and shower cubicles have doors that need space to open, so be sure to leave room for this. You can choose left or right hand opening shower doors or a corner shower with a sliding door for small or compact bathrooms.

If you’re having trouble figuring it out, then most manufacturer’s manuals can be found with the product on the manufacturer’s website and will give you lots of information on dimensions.

Colour Schemes and Tiles

Have a look in bathroom showrooms and in online design magazines for inspiration on all of the latest trends and colours. You could even create your own digital mood board in Pinterest, which makes it easier to refer back to anything that’s caught your eye.

Still Need Help?

If you’d prefer some professional direction then why not call us today? We offer design services or a full project management service from design through to installation and finish.