Do Up Bathroom – Ideas to Refresh your Space

Do Up Bathroom – Ideas to Refresh your Space

If you’re here, the chances are you’re toying with the idea of renovating, or at least breathing new life into a tired old room. When you do up bathroom, you’re not just doing up one room ­ you’re giving your whole home a breath of fresh air, too. The bathroom is one of the most well­ used, practical rooms in your home – a venue for the morning rush, and the post work wind­ down. If it’s starting to look like it’s had a hard life, it might be time to do up bathroom. Following are some ideas for your project to do up bathroom – we hope it’s helpful!


It’s easy to create a high­ end look without breaking the bank, simply by knowing what to spend your money on and what to bargain­ hunt. Tiling can be one of the most expensive aspects when you do up bathroom, depending on the kind of tiles you choose. However, you don’t need to splash out to create a high ­end, statement look. Metro tiles are very cheap, and very fashionable – but simple and classic enough not to go out of style. White tiles will create a versatile and stylish look, enabling you to change your colour scheme easily when you refresh your accessories.


When you’re planning to do up bathroom, don’t forget to replace your accessories for new ones that compliment your new décor! The difference it makes is incredible. Your accessories don’t need to match – and in fact, choosing non­ matching yet complimentary objects will lend a real high­ end feel to your bathroom. The key is to bring the different elements together – try creating a mood board before splashing out on accessories to refer to when you’re shopping.


Bathroom furniture is an often ­overlooked aspect when you do up bathroom, and can add a real touch of class – as well as being functional! Obviously the amount of room you have will dictate how far you can go with this, but even a simple and stylish chair can add a great deal to a bathroom. If you have the space, a wooden chest can look lovely and double as storage for your towels. We are the experts when it comes to do up bathroom. Our focus is on quality, not quantity. We will never be the kind of company that churns out low ­quality work in order to make fast cash – we don’t work with anyone and everyone. Our rates might not be the cheapest but they are fair,and reflect the quality craftsmanship that goes into every one of our uniquely designed bathrooms.

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