Enhance Your Bathroom with these easy steps

Enhance Your Bathroom with these easy steps

Aside from the kitchen and garden, refurbishing or replacing your bathroom is a sure-fire way to add value to your home. Whether it’s a complete gutting or a simple repaint and accessorize, you can definitely enhance your property with a new bathroom.

So, if you need some ideas and inspiration, why not read on!

Refurb or Revamp?

If the main aspects of your bathroom (tiling, floors, shower, sink, bath) are all still in pretty good condition, then it would be pointless (as well as time consuming and costly) to completely refurb the whole thing. The trick is to receive the maximum amount of value on your home for the least amount of money spent by you. Why not add some pizzazz to your powder room with these simple tricks:

  1. Instead of a shower curtain, why not install a smart glass screen or shower door. These might set you back anything from €100 upwards. There’s no need to go crazy on the price, you just need something to bring your bathroom from the outdated to the modern.
  2. Install a power shower if you don’t have one already. Modern life calls for quick but efficient personal hygiene solutions. This will probably set you back €750 upwards, but the value it will add on to your home is huge.
  3. A nice big shower head. Nobody wants an old, clogged up showerhead which graces you with a tiny trickle of water. Rain water shower heads are a great way of injecting a huge amount of style into your bathroom, for only €30 and upwards.
  4. New taps. If you have creaky, leaky taps rusting away on your bath or sink, why not replace them with some sleek new stainless steel, copper or rose gold models to add a bit of wow factor to your room? It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s amazing what a difference little details like this can make to a bathroom.
  5. Mirrors. There are so many out there these days: Mirrors with lights on, mirrors with built in storage, stainless steel, copper, gold. Whatever floats your boat in the styles stake, there’s definitely a mirror out there for you. Strategically placed mirrors open up narrow or darkened rooms and flood them with light, as well as looking beautiful.
  6. A heated chrome towel rail. Again, you might think: “What’s the big deal?” but soggy towels, even in the summer, are annoying! A sleek and stylish chrome towel rail will help bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century in a fuss-free manner. And all for €60 and upwards.
  7. A lick of paint and some soft furnishings can do wonders for a bathroom. Paint a nice bold colour on one wall, and then accessorize with gold or silver furnishings, such as a blind or even curtains.

Of course, sometimes a bathroom might be too far gone for any of the above enhancements to carry any weight. If this is the case, then it’s probably time for a completely new bathroom. However, if you’re improving your property in order to sell, you don’t want to pay out a vast amount of money. Here at Bespoke Bathrooms, we install luxury bathrooms, but we can also source bathroom furniture from mid-range manufacturers, and will install it in our signature attention to detail fashion!