Fitted Bathroom Installation

Fitted Bathroom Installation

You have pored through interiors magazines, put some money in the kitty and now you are ready to finally get rid of those dated bathroom fixtures and go for a new fitted bathroom installation. Great!

The next step is finding somebody to carry it out. The list of plumbers, electricians and tilers is as long as your arm, then when you do make the call often the person answering doesn’t seem interested in your project, or worse, they promise you the sun, moon and stars at suspiciously cut price rate. We all learnt during the boom that there are some rogue operators out there who cut corners – with disastrous results.

Don’t fall foul of these fraudsters. We often get calls to sort out bathrooms that were only recently renovated but are falling to pieces due to poor craftsmanship. It’s very distressing for the owner and costly in the long term.

But why should you choose us for your fitted bathroom installation?

Here are 6 reasons:

What our clients say

We are perfectionists, but don’t take our word for it. Here is what our previous clients had to say about us:

“…The quality of the workmanship and the finishes is excellent, and everything was accomplished exactly on the schedule that you committed to, which is such an important part of any building job on the house. As an older house, ours had idiosyncrasies that you wouldn’t find everywhere, and you and your team dealt with them all expertly. Everyone who worked on the job was extremely pleasant and professional, tidied up after themselves at the end of each day and were very unobtrusive as they went about their work.”

Just take a look at our testimonials page to see more from our satisfied customers!

We are honest

We don’t just work with anyone and everyone. We want to make sure we can provide the service you are looking for. When you make an enquiry we have a quick chat with you to make sure that we are a perfect fit for you. We don’t promise you everything will be at knock down prices. Our focus is on providing fitted bathroom installation that is of a high quality – no cowboy antics to be found here!

We do things properly

This will include stripping back the old bathroom and more often than not replacing walls and sub structure to ensure the best platform for your bathroom to be built on. At all times our project management team will be available to you to discuss progress and ask any questions you may have about the project.

We minimise disruption

Of course there will be building work going on in your house so some disruption is unavoidable, but we aim to make the process as easy as possible.

Courtesy Check

We return to each of the bathrooms we have installed after about 10 days for a check-up just to make sure that you are happy with your fitted bathroom installation!

We specialise in specialist fitted bathroom installation

We love design features that are a bit different and we love working with all the latest in bathroom technology. Maybe you have a fantastic new house and are looking for a modern showstopper of a bathroom, or perhaps you have an older house that needs extra care and attention and has specific features you want to enhance.

Whatever the design brief, we would love to hear from you!