Five Ways to Stop Bathroom Mould

Five Ways to Stop Bathroom Mould

Completely eradicating the growth of mould in a bathroom is virtually impossible as the bathroom is the perfect environment for it to thrive. By following our top tips, however, you can certainly stop it in its tracks and enjoy a fresh and mould-free bathroom.

Good Ventilation

Is key for helping to stop the spread of mould and bacteria. Always try to shower with the bathroom window open. If it’s too cold for this, just make sure you open the window straight after and keep it open for as long as possible along with the door. This will allow the moisture to disperse, giving it less time to wreak its damage!


Along the same vein as ventilation is the need for a good extractor fan. Most bathrooms have an extractor fan fitted these days, but even when they do, a lot of people aren’t very good at keeping them clean. An extractor fan will struggle to do its job properly if it’s clogged up with dust and dirt. Try and clean your extractor fan once a week – once a month at least if this is a push. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to see how to do this.

Heating Your Bathroom

If not heated correctly, a lot of bathrooms can feel quite chilly because of the tiled floors and walls – this means that any water droplets that are sitting in your bathroom will take longer to disperse, thus leading to a build up of mould and bacteria. It’s important to invest in a good towel rail, which will heat up your bathroom and help to keep it dry. Underfloor heating is also fantastic for bathrooms. It’s still important to have good ventilation after your bath or shower however, as condensation can cause mould.


Dehumidifiers are a great way to get rid of damp as they collect moisture from the air and reduce condensation. They only work for large bathrooms however, as they do take up a lot of space.

Keep Your Bathroom Dry

This sounds really obvious but how many of us dry their bathroom surfaces down after using the bath, shower or sink? Many of us just leave the water drops to sit there, but this helps in the build up of mould and bacteria and also causes us a bigger job of cleaning later on. If you use a dry cloth or towel to wipe dry any surfaces after use, this will halt the build up of destructive bacteria and will also keep your bathroom looking and feeling fresh.