Freestanding Bath Brings Luxury

Freestanding Bath Brings Luxury

The 1992 advert for Cadburys Flake must have had a lasting effect because ever since we’ve associated freestanding baths as being the ultimate in luxury. Even now 30 years later Bespoke Bathrooms is installing  Freestanding Bath tubs in lots of our clients homes.

Do I have enough floor space?

A freestanding bath can still be placed beside a wall, so even if you are limited with space don’t rule it out. You can also do clever things with storage on the vertical wall space beside the bath. If you have a larger room then you can bring the bath away from the wall and make it more of a centerpiece.

Doubling up

Freestanding Bath

If you can see yourself sharing your bath, or perhaps you have younger children that you plan to bath together, then consider a double ended bath. These will have the taps in the middle of the bath so you lie back on either end of the bathtub.









Material Options

  • Acrylic: Amongst the lightest bath designs, which tends to make them easier to move and install. Whilst these tubs are non-porous and durable, they can warp over time. This can lead to small but fixable bumps or wrinkles at the bottom of the bath.Freestanding Bath
  • Cast iron: This is amongst the strongest but also the heaviest materials available, requiring a reinforced floor surface to support them. These baths are covered in enamel, so they’re still scratch-proof, comfortable, and easy to clean.
  • Stone: There are different types of stone that can be used in the creation of a freestanding bath, each of them bringing that natural visual appeal, not to mention being easy to maintain and clean. There are also faux stone options that replicate the look and general qualities of stone.
  • Stainless steel: A more modern choice of material that’s lighter than cast iron, and can be coated with enamel. Often used for more contemporary designs where a curved, smooth shape is desired.

Let us know if you are thinking about installing a Freestanding Bath as part of your bathroom renovation and we can advise you of the most suitable options for your space.