Hello Roaring Twenties: Hello Beautiful Bathroom!

Hello Roaring Twenties: Hello Beautiful Bathroom!

A lot of us undertake new projects in the new year and a bathroom refurb is a great place to start.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration or want a bathroom that stands out from everybody else’s, why not look back a hundred years ago to the 1920s, when there was an explosion of art, culture and change throughout much of Europe and the U.S.A?

The roaring twenties (particularly in America), were an exciting time of fun, frivolity and sophisticated, innovative design: Your bathroom might just be the perfect place to recreate a piece of that golden decade.

Read on to find out how to transform your bathroom into a contemporary ode to the roaring twenties.

Freestanding Bath

Any bathroom ode to the 1920s has to come with a freestanding bath. We view them as a luxury these days but in most American bathrooms in the early twentieth century, they were the norm. Think standard white but with an elegant roll top and decorative chrome feet.

White Basin with a Chrome Wash Stand

These types of sinks have had a renaissance themselves over the past few years. 1920s design mostly favoured monochrome colours in the bathroom, so go for a white basin with a chrome wash stand to complement your freestanding bath. If you have a larger, family sized bathroom, then you might want to consider a vanity unit (next on the list).

Vanity Unit

Larger and more opulent houses in the twenties would’ve opted for an impressive vanity unit in dark wood. If you have the space, go for a double sink and detailed, decorative handles to really bring the era alive.

Hexagon Floor Mosaics

Refurbing your bathroom in the style of the roaring twenties is good news for those of you with a smaller bathroom, as most people in those days tended to have compact bathrooms, so this was taken into account with design. A majority of bathrooms in the U.S. had very small 1” x 1” hexagon floor tiles installed, which gave the illusion of space. Of course, fitting these tiles into a larger space will have a grander impact.

White Subway Wall Tiles

Great news for anybody who already has them installed as these have been popular for a few years already.

White subway tiles are a simple but brilliant way of creating light and space. However, if all this talk of monochrome has got you yawning, something you’ll be pleased to know is that colour was also really popular in the 1920s. Read on to find out more!

Colourful Tiles, Sinks and Baths

Not everyone likes monochrome in the roaring twenties – some bathrooms were an oasis of colour, namely pale green sinks and baths with touches of pastel pinks throughout the room. Green is very much in again this decade, so if you opt to incorporate it, you’ll be bringing something contemporary to your room.

If a green sink, bath and walls is too much for you, one other popular choice is white tiles with a border of emerald green.

So, as we say goodbye to the 2010s and hail the start of our own roaring twenties, let’s tip our caps to the artful innovators of the past and bring the best bits of their design into the future.

Happy New Year!