Home Renovation Grant (HRI)

Home Renovation Grant (HRI)

 The Home Renovation Grant was launched in 2014. The scheme allows homeowners to claim tax relief on repairs carried out by tax compliant contractors. The contractor must be fully tax compliant and registered.

At this point we would like to reassure you that Bespoke Bathrooms are fully tax compliant and registered for the scheme.

The scheme means that for a limited time, as a homeowner, you can reclaim 13.5% on qualifying expenditure between €5,000 to €30,000.

Of course, you can still commission jobs at a higher value but in this case, just the VAT on the €30,000 qualifies.

It’s another great reason to choose Bespoke Bathrooms for your bathroom renovation. You may have been tempted by tradesmen offering to do the job for cash in the past. This new scheme makes that argument void.

But aside from the money, choosing a registered contractor is the sensible option. What happens if you have a problem? There is no comeback when you choose someone un-registered.

Believe us, we have witnessed some shoddy work. Often we are called in to a distraught home owner who shelled out thousands for a new bathroom that is leaking and poorly finished. They simply can’t get hold of the company who carried out the work.

That’s a highly stressful, not to mention expensive problem that we don’t wish befall anyone.

In choosing Bespoke Bathrooms you can save money on the VAT and have the piece of mind that all the work carried out is above board.

Of course, just because the contractor is registered , doesn’t mean you should immediately expect high quality work. The Irish Independent recommends that you “Ask for work references and then go around and actually visit. Ask to see that work.” This is something that we agree with and if you wish, we can arrange to contact our previous clients to get their view on our service.

We also have a gallery of previous jobs for you to take a look at just click on previous jobs. You can read our previous client testimonials in the testimonials section.

To qualify for the home renovation scheme grant you must be carrying out work on your own private residence. However if you are not living in the home as the work is being carried out, you should still qualify.

For more information about the grant, take a look at Revenue here. The Irish Independent also have a comprehensive guide which is worth a read and can be found here.

The best way to determine if we are the perfect fit for you and vice versa is to have a chat with the team. If you like, you can call us on  01 4948048. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can fill out the contact form here and we will get back to you.