How About These Accessories for Your Guest Bathroom?

Accessories for Your Guest Bathroom

How About These Accessories for Your Guest Bathroom?

Once your new guest bespoke bathroom is almost complete, you can start planning what accessories that will go into it.
Bathroom accessories can make storage easier, highlight certain features of your new guest bathroom and work wonderfully for young and old.
Saving you some time browsing dozens of DIY aisles, Bespoke Bathrooms has put together this list of some of the most useful accessories you can have in your guest bathroom.
Now we haven’t used them all ourselves, but you can try them and let us know what you think.

A Shower Curtain with Pockets:

You may have opted for a free-standing bathtub or be limited on shelving space in your bathroom. An easy solution to both of these issues is the use of a shower curtain liner with pockets.
Hold your soaps, razors, shampoos and anything else you need for a relaxing bath in these easy to install curtain liners.

A Little Bin:

A simple little waste container will stop any unwanted rubbish from going down your toilet. Empty toothpaste tubes, makeup wipes, dental floss etc can be discarded properly and save you calling the plumber for your newly installed bathroom.
Small chrome bins work very well with most marble finishes. Quite a few of our customers purchase after almost every job.

An Over the Door Hair Accessory Holder:

A perfect accessory for any household with a lot of hair to take care of. Keep all your hair products and accessories on an easy to reach rack so you are never scrambling to find these items.
A perfect item for guest bathrooms with limited space, such as a small BnB.

Glass Bottle Dispensers:

Make your soaps look fancier in a collection of glass dispensers. In this way, you can be bulk cleaning products, and restock supplies in your guest’s bathroom saving money while also making your bathroom look that little bit fancier.

A Shower Caddy for Your Shampoos and Soaps:

If the shower liner with pockets doesn’t appeal to you or you are limited on space, then a shower caddy is what you need. Ideal for small ensuites or under the stair’s showers, caddys take up little space and are made from non-rust materials that can hang from your shower nozzle.

Cupboard Locks for the Little Ones:

Many bathroom renovations occur when new family members are about the emerge.
Ensure the safety of any little ones in your home with cupboard locks for children. They’re prying hands will not be able to get near any dangerous, foul-tasting or messy items you may have stored in your bathroom.

Final Thoughts:

Let Bespoke Bathrooms know if any of these accessories for your guest bathroom have intrigued you. We can point you in the right direction to choose the best quality items for your new bathroom.
And, if you are reading this while still thinking about renovating your bathroom, get in touch with the Bespoke Bathroom team today.
Whether it’s a guest toilet that needs a makeover or your family bathroom we have the experience and skills to bring your ideas to life.