How To Choose a Good Bathroom Installer

How To Choose a Good Bathroom Installer

One of the most important factors a person needs to take into account when deciding to go for a bathroom refurb is the calibre of the installer(s): it doesn’t matter how expensive or high end your bathroom furniture and sanitaryware is, if you employ a sub-standard bathroom installer, your luxury bathroom could end up looking cheap and nasty.

So how do you choose a bathroom installer that is qualified in executing high quality bathroom finishes?

One of the best and most common ways to find a good bathroom installer is by word of mouth or recommendations. If family members or close friends can recommend somebody they’ve already used, it takes the stress away from employing an unreliable or shoddy bathroom installer. If you can’t find a good installer/tradesperson through family members, then local community internet forums are a great place to look for recommendations.

Once you’ve found a seemingly reliable company or individual to install your bathroom, these are the other factors you should take into account:

Do they have a good customer service history?

Check their website to look for positive customer testimonials. How far back does the positive history go? Even if there is only one negative review out of twenty, it’s a good idea to take a look at what the apparent issues were to ensure that you won’t fall foul to the same thing.

Check their online presence

It’s also a good idea to look at other online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook (if they have them) so you can see how they interact with their customers in real time as this can be a good indication of the ethos/attitude of the individual/company. You can also check for any good/bad reviews on here.

Take a look at previous work

Most reputable bathroom installers will have an up-to-date online portfolio of their work, so can take more detailed look into their craftsmanship and whether it’s the right kind for you.

Ring for a chat!

Sounds simple but it’s important advice. You can’t be expected to be on the same wavelength as everyone in life, and this is an easy way to gauge whether you and whichever company you’re thinking of employing are a ‘right’ fit for each other. Best to do this in the beginning stages than discover halfway into the refurb that you rub each other up the wrong way!


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