How to Clean Your Bathroom Extractor Fan

How to Clean Your Bathroom Extractor Fan

A majority of us are good at keeping our bathrooms clean, but one piece of equipment that can be neglected even though it does a very important job, is the extractor fan.

Your extractor fan helps rid your bathroom of moisture (which leads to mould), so they are worth maintaining as they help keep your bathroom clean and odour-free as well as safeguarding against any cosmetic or structural damage that may come about due to damp conditions. A dusty or dirty extractor fan won’t work nearly as effectively and will only cause you more expense in the long run. If your extractor fan has become noisier or sounds like it’s struggling to work, this is a sign it needs some TLC.

So how do you effectively clean your extractor fan? Read on to find out…

One Rule

There is a huge variety of extractor fan makes and models, but our basic instructions can be applied to most. However, please refer to your manufacturers instructions before you undertake any work on your bathroom extractor.

Equipment List

To clean the fan, you will first need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Newspaper or a dust sheet to catch the dirt
  • Kitchen towel or duster
  • A large bowl or bucket of hot, soapy water (washing up liquid is fine)
  • A clean cloth or sponge
  • A dry towel (small) or tea towel
  • Window cleaner
  • Cotton buds
  • Something to cover your head to protect it from falling dust
  • If your extractor fan is located on the ceiling, you’ll also need a stepladder.

How to Clean Your Extractor Fan:

Carefully remove the extractor fan cover using the screwdriver
Soak it in the bucket of soapy water
Remove the fan blade, wiping any dust or debris away with the kitchen towel
Apply the window cleaner on both sides
Wipe any extra debris or dirt away with the damp cloth or sponge
Dry it with the towel and leave to air dry on some clean newspaper
Find the motor and using the cotton buds, carefully clean away any dust that might be stuck to it
Wash the cover with the cloth or sponge in the bucket of water.
Remove the cover and dry with the towel.
Ensure everything is properly dry before reassembling the extractor.