How to Inject Colour into Your Bathroom

How to Inject Colour into Your Bathroom

Some people hear the words ‘colour’ and ‘bathroom’ paired together and run a mile, and for good reason too: we all remember those horrendous green and pink monstrosities of the eighties…Injecting some colour into your bathroom doesn’t have to mean you go over the top, however, and done the right way, it can produce a sophisticated bathroom that won’t be out of fashion in six month’s time.

Read on and find out how you can spruce up your bathroom with some beautiful shades…

Accessorise with Colour

If you’re the reserved type when it comes to interior design, a good place to start would be sticking with your normal white bathroom suite and accessorising with splashes of bold, bright colour. Think bright yellows or sky blues to really bring some light into the space. This could be in the form of a piece of art on a canvas and some porcelain ornaments or even just the blind and the toilet roll holder.

Boldly Going…

Where you haven’t been before.

If you’re fed up of whites and beiges and really want to push your colour boundaries, why not choose two opposing primary colours such as yellow and purple and use their contrast for dramatic effect in your bathroom? The key is not to go over the top and to have fun with it. For instance, you could paint one wall purple and then paint or tile a yellow feature wall around the bath. It doesn’t have to be over the top and if you make it something you can easily change in the future (such as paint) to ensure your bathroom is always up-to-date.


If the idea of so much colour in a bathroom is still terrifying, quell those fears by opting for a beautifully illustrated or coloured wallpaper placed on one feature wall, paired with a white bathroom suite. Choose a wallpaper in soft pastels, or bolder primary colours (just make sure the colours complement each other). Again, if you change your mind in the future, one papered wall is easier to remedy.

Blue, Blue, Blue

Much the same way that blue has always been associated with boys when buying baby clothes, when it comes to house decor, blue will always be associated with the bathroom. What shade you choose, however, dictates its place in the twenty-first century. Think inky blues, like a midnight sky, or indigo; petrol blue is fantastic for smaller spaces and won’t close the walls in. Set off your blue backdrop with a standalone copper bath and copper and brass features.


Paint a feature wall in beautiful bright orange, and insert stripy coloured tiles in amongst white tiles on the opposing wall. Team with a bright red or blue rug and other multi-coloured accessories for a bathroom that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

If you want to undertake a bathroom refurb, why not give us a call today? We install stunning, luxury bathrooms, which can be in any colour (or not) that you like. We create beautiful bathrooms in shades of stone, caramel and more.