How to wash Bathroom Towels

How to wash Bathroom Towels

There’s nothing nicer than wrapping yourself up in a big, soft, fluffy towel after stepping from your bath or shower, but over time, towels can become rough and hardened.

Here, we give you some top tips on how to look after your towels and keep them looking (and feeling) like they’ve come straight from a luxury spa!

Choose the Right Temperature

With all of the advice out there regarding carbon footprints and the environment, a lot of people are choosing to wash their clothes on a thirty degree wash or less, but when it comes to towels, this is a bad idea. Why? Because water that’s below forty degrees isn’t hot enough to completely kill bacteria, and as your towels spend a lot of time in hot and humid conditions, bacteria do love to thrive on them.

So, we know the environment is important, but wash your towels on at least forty degrees to protect yourself against fungal infections. We recommended washing them once a week to keep them fresh.

Which Detergent?

Choosing a particular detergent to wash your towels (and bedding) in might seem like a silly idea, but using a biological detergent is best. This is because biological washing powder breaks down dead skin cells, and seeing as we use towels to rub our skin dry after a bath or shower, you can imagine that towels can be a hotbed of those pesky cells.

Again, it’s very important to wash your towels at a temperature of at least forty degrees when using biological washing powder as without this high temperature, the chemicals in the detergent won’t work properly.

Don’t Use Softener!

“What!” we hear you say: “Don’t use softener to make our towels soft? What madness is this?” And yes, it is a bit mad but we like to live dangerously. Try halving the amount of detergent you’d normally use and then top up the rest with distilled vinegar. This will strip away any build up of detergent or softener and actually leave your towels fluffier. If you can’t do without softener, then only use a small amount (but not along with vinegar), as too much can actually have the opposite effect and leave your towels feeling hard.

How to Make Them Fluffy!

To get your towels beautiful and fluffy, place them in a drier (no more than two at a time. This might seem like a waste of energy, but cramming all of the towels in your drier together actually makes the drier less effective), with a tennis ball. The ball will literally beat the fluffiness into your towels!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips for fluffy towels!