We Install Luxury Bathrooms

We Install Luxury Bathrooms

The installation of luxury bathrooms is our speciality. Our tight knit team offer a wealth of experience in one-off luxury bathroom design.

If you can dream it, we can do it. From beautiful wet rooms, to custom built rainfall showers we will work with you to create your dream bathroom.

In today’s busy environment we meet more and more homeowners looking for an oasis of calm in the home. Somewhere to go to get away from emails and phone calls.

With a luxury bathroom you can have that ‘get away from it all’ spa experience everyday in the comfort of your own home. From sauna’s to jacuzzi baths to custom built wet rooms – we can do it all.

We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss what elements you would like incorporated into your new luxury bathroom. We will take a look at the space and determine what is possible. We then go away and draw up design drawings based on what we discussed.

Once these have been approved we order in the sanitary ware and once that has arrived, we begin work on your bathroom.

Your new bathroom installation will be fully project managed and we endeavour to complete the job with as little intrusion as possible.

Our process is perfect for one-off builds, older homes with their own quirks and eccentricities, listed buildings and anyone looking to add some luxury to their bathroom.

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are three of the hottest trends in luxury bathroom design in 2014.

1. Natural Materials

Natural materials are always a good look in a bathroom. Think stone, wood and huge slabs of intricate marble like giant Jackson Pollack paintings.

We are seeing a number of bathrooms forgoing the tiled floor for wood. Another favourite are entire sinks made from one piece of stone with the edges left to form an organic shape. This trend is all about letting the beauty of the natural material shine through. One trend that is trickling in over here is the introduction of ‘living walls’ these are walls made of lush green foliage that are a living, breathing ecosystem right in your bathroom. Very zen.

2. Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are still a huge trend for 2014 and we have been busy installing them country wide. With their clean lines and expansive feel, wet rooms offer a modern, contemporary look.

3. Frameless Showers

Frameless showers have been making a splash over the last few years. These modernist beauties consist of giant sheets of glass fastened together. This is a real case of the material being the star of the show. They can be a real show stopper. Just make sure that you choose an experienced bathroom installer to make sure everything is water tight.

If you would like to speak to us about your own bathroom project call us on 01 4948048.