Is it Really Worth Going Luxury?

Is it Really Worth Going Luxury?

There are many fantastic bathroom furniture manufacturers out there who offer great looking products at discounted prices, but while they may look good, unlike high end brands, their manufacturing quality may not stand the test of time.

While we understand that many people are on a budget, installing low end bathroom sanitaryware and furniture into your home can prove to be a false economy, as lower end bathroom suites tend to only last a maximum of five years before they deteriorate and need replacing. Most high end bathroom brands such as Villeroy and Boch and Brausch have fantastic warranty and after sales care with their products and so are worth the investment. As well as this, installing a luxury bathroom into your home can add huge value to it and (according to research carried out by Home Insurance provider, Aviva) is one of the first thing house buyers will look for.

Here are a few pointers if you’re thinking of undertaking a luxury bathroom installation:

Clever Storage

One of the first things that puts off potential house buyers is clutter in a home, especially in a bathroom. Use free standing vanity units and shelves in large spaces to bring a sophisticated yet homely feel to a family bathroom; wall-hung and built-in for smaller bathrooms for a practical and stylish solution.

Even if you’re not selling your home, bathroom storage solutions make cleaning easier and also help add to a calm and stress-free environment.


Lighting, lighting, lighting. Back in the old days, bathroom lighting was an afterthought – usually one single, lonely light bulb hanging from the ceiling, or a terrible light shade. Now, thanks to the desire to make the bathroom an intrinsic part of the home, you can install downlighters, uplighters and even chandeliers into your bathroom. Before you go crazy and invest in a twelve lamp chandelier, however, have a think about your everyday life and needs. Will you have time to maintain and chandelier? Will soft lighting give you the required light for grooming? Have a think and then look to the internet for lighting inspiration!

High End Manufacturers

When choosing your shower cubicle, bathroom or sink, you want something that is going to last twenty years, not five. You may wince at the cost of a Keuco shower cubicle, or a Villeroy and Boch bath, but these are manufacturers who take their work seriously and only want to provide the highest quality design and engineering.

Taps and Fittings

A really simple way to add luxury to your bathroom is to install high end shower heads and tap fittings. The eye really is in the detail with these products; for instance, one well known German manufacturer has a factory on their site, which manufactures only the washers, nuts and bolts for their taps. This is so they can know for certain that they offer their customers the very best of their engineering and design without the adulteration of outside products.


The floor is the finisher in any luxury bathroom. Why go to the trouble of installing sleek and stylish sanitary ware and accessories, only to ruin in with cheap flooring? There are some great companies out their who produce excellent quality floor and wall tiles at reasonable prices. Think bold, coloured patterns or classic monochrome to bring out the very best in your bathroom.