Key Considerations for any Bathroom Refit

Key Considerations for any Bathroom Refit

Are you planning a bathroom refit? When redesigning this space there are some key things every homeowner should consider.

The Space Itself

Consider the current function of your bathroom. Do you have a bath that you never use? Or maybe your bathtub is the place you go to de-stress and unwind. In that case perhaps making a feature of the bath would be perfect for you. Would you love more light to do your make up in the morning?

Stand in the space and make a list of all the things you would love and all the things that currently are not working.

When making renovations to the bathroom it’s crucial that you consider what you will do for storage. This is where an experienced expert can step in and analyse the space offering you practical solutions like built in storage. How many people use the bathroom and what do you currently store in it? There is no point planning a new bathroom only to realise you have allocated no space for your essentials. Take a peek inside your bathroom cabinets and evaluate how much space you need.

If your bathroom is lacking in space there are several simple tricks that you can use to make the space seem bigger

1) Maintain the same colour tone throughout

2) Use the same colour for walls and ceiling

3) Use clear glass in the shower

4) Installing big mirrors strategically in the bathroom

5) Recessing shelves and cabinets into the wall

Current Plumbing 

Consider the age of your current plumbing. It’s always best to let a qualified expert take charge where water is concerned. Make a list of any faults you have spotted with the current plumbing. Now is the time to fix them and do it right.


There are so many variations of tiles on the market to choose from. As a rule of thumb it’s best not to use large tiles for small spaces as they can dwarf a room. However there are always exceptions to every rule and we have had excellent results using larger tiles in small spaces so if it’s your dream there are always ways and means! If your bathroom is on the small side, medium sized tiles often look the best – small tiles in a small space can be too busy.

Consider the colour and the lighting in your room. Showrooms are lit differently to your typical bathroom. Take samples home and view them in the bathroom. An experienced eye can be a godsend when selecting a tile, what looks good on it’s own may look totally wrong for a room when there are hundreds of the same tile.


A bathroom refit involves a lot of work, plumbing, electrical work, tiling and fitting. Remember that the room will be a no-go area for awhile. Make sure to choose a professional who is tidy and considerate so as to minimise the stress involved.


Just like tiles, there are many different fixtures to choose from. Try to theme the space so that the fixtures and tiling all work together to create the effect you are going for. There are all sorts of great new technology that you can add to your bathroom from heated towel racks to sensor taps. It’s exciting to see what’s available. Just try to keep the overall look and feel in mind when choosing your fittings. Remember that now is your time to choose what you really want so take your time looking around and seeing what is available.

For more tips and tricks why not read our free Guide available from the form on our website 7 Things You Should Know Before You Renovate Your Bathroom.

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