Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury Bathrooms

Once upon a time, the bathroom used to be just a functional room; a room dipped in and out of when necessity required it.

However, nowadays, the bathroom has become not just a room of function but a talking point of the home; a feature room, arguably as vital as the kitchen in terms of impressing guests and adding value. Luxury bathrooms are becoming a necessity in themselves, and adding thousands of Euro to the value of the home they reside in.

Luxury bathrooms are expensive, there’s no avoiding that. But a luxury bathroom, fitted properly with quality materials and excellent workmanship, is an investment.

However, the kind of beautiful, high ­end luxury bathrooms that you might have pored over pictures of online and in magazines are often out of reach for most people. Not everybody has the space for ‘his and hers’ sinks in their ensuite, let alone entire ‘his and hers’ bathrooms.

We have helped many customers create luxury bathrooms, in a range of sizes and at many different budgets. Bespoke Bathrooms will guide you through the process, from design to completion, providing a top­ quality service and offering competitive prices. We believe your bathroom should be an expression of your personality, a soothing haven, and a room to be proud of.

At Bespoke Bathrooms, luxury bathrooms are what we aim to deliver – from the smallest project to the biggest. We don’t believe that small spaces should hamper our efforts to create beautiful, luxurious havens that you can be proud of. Following are some space ­saving tips to turn ordinary bathrooms into luxury bathrooms.

Underfloor heating

Radiators, although often fairly slim, can still take up a lot of space in a small room. They can also be somewhat of an eyesore if you are going for clean lines and minimal distractions from the décor in your bathroom. Instead of a radiator, opt for underfloor heating for a truly luxurious experience when you step out of the bath onto a warm floor.

Wet room

Many luxury bathrooms have a separate bath and shower unit. However, in small rooms this often isn’t possible – and isn’t a good use of space. Many people are now opting for a sleek wet room design, particularly for en suite or second bathrooms, as the effect of the open shower cubicle can be quite stunning.

Freestanding bath

The most important, and most coveted feature of luxury bathrooms is often the bath itself. You will probably notice that in luxury bathrooms, the bath is often at the centre of the room, freestanding and striking. You may not have space to place your bath in the centre of your bathroom; however you can still make a feature of it. A freestanding bath against one wall, perhaps with floor ­level lighting beneath, looks just as impressive as a central bath and is a better use of space.