Making Your Bathroom Refurb Budget Go Further: Our Top Tips!

Making Your Bathroom Refurb Budget Go Further: Our Top Tips!

Are you currently project planning your bathroom refurbishment?

Do you long to inject some glamour into your bathroom space without draining your wallet?

The words ‘bathroom refurb’ are never usually synonymous with saving money, but if you follow our top budget bathroom tips, you’ll soon be well on your way to creating a bathroom that screams more ‘fashion’ than ‘frugality’.

When You Really Really Want That New Bathroom…

  1. Keep things simple. One of the biggest ways you can keep costs down is to retain the current layout of your sanitary ware, which in turn means you don’t have to pay out for new pipework. If the layout is impossible to live with, only move what you really have to. Draw up a proper design and stick to it.
  2. Planning, planning, planning! One of the biggest mistakes people make is not factoring everything in or doing things in the wrong order, which ends up being messy and costly. For instance, you should always choose your sanitary ware before you lay the floor or tile the walls. Choose what type and where you want it to go: This should mean that you will lay all of the hot and cold pipes in their correct positions. Having to rectify this after you’ve laid the floor and tiles will mean a big, messy and expensive mess.
  3. Choose where to invest your money wisely. We know this is all about saving the Euros, but there’s no point choosing cheap if it’s only going to age quickly or break a few months down the line. You can find really nice looking bathroom accessories such as mirrors and vanity units from some low end brands, but scrimping on a toilet or shower cubicle will only lead to more expense in the long run. Choose a few luxury items to bring out the best in your bathroom and mix with lower and mid range items.
  4. Neutral tones are best. Stick to whites and creams on the walls. Green might be the latest colour trend in terms of bathroom design, but you won’t be happy if two months after completion, you discover next year’s new colour trend is purple. Keep the walls white and inject some of the latest colour trend into the space by using things like cushions, towels and pictures. This is the most cost effective way to keep a bathroom looking fresh without throwing away money. That way, when you do discover that green’s out and purple is in, changing the colour of your towels won’t seem like a big deal.
  5. Ditch wall-mounted sanitaryware. Tricky if you have a compact bathroom, as wall-mounted is the best way to save space, but it’s also the most expensive in terms of having specialist fitters in to install them. Try and choose floor standing sanitary ware and furniture where possible.

So there we have our top tips for for keeping on top of your bathroom refurb budget.

If you do have any questions or need help with anything, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.