Maximising Bathroom Space – A Guide

Maximising Bathroom Space – A Guide

We all dream of a palatial bathroom. A dreamy space in which we can luxuriate, with a place for everything (and everything in its place)! Unfortunately, we can’t all have the huge lottery-win bathroom we might be hankering after – but there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of what you’ve got. Maximising bathroom space is easy when you know how!

Maximising bathroom space is a simple case of thoughtful planning. Particularly if your bathroom is an unusual shape, or if you have unusual features to work with. We have had extensive experience of creating beautiful bathrooms, and we are confident that we can make even the smallest of bathrooms into a stylish talking point.

Maximising bathroom space – Organisation

Even the most spacious bathrooms can look cluttered when they aren’t properly organised, and an untidy bathroom never feels big! The most well organised rooms are those that are well thought-out, with items stored in convenient places – and most importantly, those in which everything has a place!

Maximising bathroom space – Storage

Storage is very important when planning any room, but in a room as functional as the bathroom it is vital to get this right, especially if you’ve not got much space! Storage can be easily incorporated as part of your bathroom renovation; recessed shelving, under-sink storage and hanging storage are all great ways to make sure your bathroom is always neat and tidy! Get creative with storage; instead of having lots of pots and potions lying around the place, choose receptacles to fit with your scheme.

Maximising bathroom space – rethinking planning

If you’re working with a small room, it may be worth considering ditching a traditional bathroom set-up for a wet room. With no bathtub taking up valuable space, your bathroom will feel much bigger. There are many benefits to wet rooms, not only are they an excellent way to maximise bathroom space, they are easy to clean, very stylish and can add value to your home. There are many ways to style a wet room; the common feature is a lack of a shower enclosure, however some wet rooms incorporate a shower screen – particularly in smaller rooms, to stop the linen getting wet!

We are experts in maximising bathroom space, and helping you get the most out of your bathroom, however big or small it is. During our initial visit, we can talk over your ideas for your bathroom and discuss your requirements in depth – and rest assured, we will never keep promises we can’t keep. We aren’t interested in churning out work with no thought to its quality or longevity. We prioritise quality over quantity, consistently delivering the most luxurious bathrooms in Ireland.